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Muhammad The Messenger Of God.pdf download

Muhammad The Messenger Of God
📘 Book TitleMuhammad The Messenger Of God
👤 Book AuthorAbdurrahman al-Sheha
🖨️ Total Pages87
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Muhammad The Messenger Of God by Abdurrahman Al-Sheha

About the Book

This book presents Prophet Muhammad in the different roles he assumed within his community as a father, husband, statesman, chief of staff, and an individual with utmost compassion, wisdom, grace, humility, and trustworthiness.

Many people have misconceptions about Muhammad (PBUH) the messenger of Allah about his works, birth, place of birth, companions. Also many people think that Qur’an was written by him. Also many people gets confused with the leadership of Muhammad PBUH and messages of Allah.

This book clears all the common doubts coming in the mind of people while they listen to the name Muhammad PBUH by giving a description of his life.

As a father, as a leader, as a law giver, as a law maker, Muhammad PBUH is the superman of the world.
Read this book to gain some knowledge about him.

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