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Sunna Notes Trilogy vol 2.Pdf Download

Sunna Notes Trilogy vol 2.
Book TitleSunna Notes Trilogy Vol 2
Book AuthorGibril Fouad Haddad
Total Pages277
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Sunna Notes Trilogy by Gibril Fouad Haddad

About the Book

Volume II: A discussion of over 150 proofs for the mainstream Sunni understanding of sunna (the Prophetic paradigm) and bid‘a (innovation) as it was and continues to be set forth in classical terms according to early and later generations including the Four Schools of Law.

The conclusion shows that there are three divisions to the terminology of the Prophet in matters of innovation. Namely, the Prophet (a) generally condemned all innovations; (b) explicitly condemned bad innovations; and (c) explicitly praised good innovations.

Therefore, the famous hadith of general terminology, kullu bid‘atin dalāla (“every innovation is misguidance”), must be understood in the light of the hadiths of specific terminology in (b) and (c) and not vice-versa.

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