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Wings of fire – An Autobiography pdf download

📘 Book Title Wings Of Fire
👤 Book AuthorA P J Abdul Kalam
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Wings of Fire – An Autobiography – Universities Press

A P J Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari


This book is being released at a time when India’s technological endeavours, to assert its sovereignty and strengthen its security, are questioned by many in the world. Historically, people have always fought among themselves on one issue or another. Prehistorically, battles were fought over food and shelter.

With the passage of time, wars were waged over religious and ideological beliefs; and now the dominant struggle of sophisticated warfare is for economic and technological supremacy. Consequently, economic and technological supremacy is equated with political power and world control.

A few nations who have grown very strong technologically, over the past few centuries, have wrested control, for their own purposes. These major powers have become the self-proclaimed leaders of the new world order.

What does a country of one billion people, like India, do in such a situation? We have no other option but to be technologically strong. But, can India be a leader in the field of technology? My answer is an emphatic ‘Yes. And let me validate my answer by narrating some incidents from my life.

When I first began the reminiscences that have gone into this book, I was uncertain about which of my memories were worth narrating or were of any relevance at all. My childhood is precious to me, but would it be of interest to anyone else?

Was it worth the reader’s while, I wondered, to know about the tribulations and triumphs of a small-town boy? Of the straitened circumstances of my schooldays, the odd jobs I did to pay my school fees, and how my decision to become a

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