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100 FABRICATED HADITH pdf download

Book Title 100 Fabricated Hadith
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100 fabricated hadith


Book Contents


  1. Conversation in the Masjid eats up good deeds
  2. Beautify your dining table with herbs
  3. Prayer performed in a turban
  4. Love the Arabs for three reasons
  5. When Adam committed the sin
  6. There is not a single person
  7. He who gets married before he performs Hajj
  8. He who visits the grave of his parents
  9. I am a city of knowledge and Ali (ra) is the gate
  10. The members of my household are like         
  11. My companions are like the stars      
  12. Diversity among my followers          
  13. If it weren’t for women          
  14. Obedience to a woman’s advice causes regret           
  15. There is no sin in backbiting an evil liver      
  16. Umar Ibn Al Khattaab (ra) is the light oflslam          
  17. Seek knowledge even as far as China
  18. The scholars of my Ummah   
  19. The sneezing of a person       
  20. To think for an hour is better than     
  21. When Allah created the Aql  
  22. An illegitimate child cannot enter     
  23. There is no Athaan nor iqaamah for women  S
  24. There isn’t a Prophet that was sent    
  25. Allah will not Punish 
  26. Bury your dead in the graveyards      
  27. I begged my Lord (Glorified be He) not to   
  28. He who invited someone to Islam     
  29. He who plays chess is cursed
  30. Were I to swear by Allah andtell a lie           
  31. Verily the Angels said to Allah         
  32. The carrying of a rod is a sign of      
  33. He who practices I’tikaaf       
  34. It is better for you to speak in Arabic
  35. There is no good in Black people      
  36. The Holy Prophet once sat on silk     
  37. Marry and do not divorce      
  38. The Holy Prophet· never used to visit           
  39. Beware of zina           
  40. He who begets a son and names him 
  41. He who begets three sons      
  42. He who builds a house bigger
  43. To love your country is a part of Iman          
  44. A small amount of deeds backed up  
  45. Beware of the Dunya 
  46. He who made Hajj to the house in Makkah   
  47. He who makes Hajj and then visits my grave
  48. Chicken takes the place of lamb        
  49. Whenever anyone of you cohabits     
  50. The Holy Prophet forbade to cohabit
  51. Allah shall call people by      
  52. The aubergine (eggplant) is a cure    
  53. Let the most handsome among you lead       
  54. He who travels on Jumu’ah day         
  55. Verily for everything there is a heart 
  56. He who charges a fee for teaching    
  57. Wudhu on top ofwudhuis light on top of light
  58. Backbiting nullifies one’s wudhu and salah   
  59. Verily it is the non-Arabic speaking  
  60. The mistake of Prophet David I        
  61. Whenever something is comprised of halal   
  62. To look at a beautiful face     
  63. To look at the face of a beautiful woman      
  64. If the Arabs should become degraded,          
  65. The Prophet had the ability to see     
  66. It is the Sunnah that one should not perform 
  67. Allah has sworn that He shall never allow    
  68. Whenever the Imam ascends the Mimbar      
  69. He who shortens the Iqaamah
  70. He who raises his hands in Salah       
  71. He who performs wudhu and wipes his neck
  72. Verily Allah loves to see His servant
  73. The ink of a scholar is holier than     
  74. Jihaad-u-Nafs, Jihaad dul Akbar       
  75. He wno eats with someone whose sins          
  76. The spider is a shaitaan          
  77. He who prays twenty rak’ah  
  78. A scholar of Islam will never
  79. A reciter of the Qur’an will never      
  80. There shall arise a manfrom  
  81. Allah has disallowed 
  82. He who recites while he is praying    
  83. Whenever one performs a lot of Hajj
  84. He who prayed two rak’ah     
  85. The heart of a believer is        S
  86. Madinah is holier than Makkah         
  87. Verily Allah does not accept a du’aa 
  88. If a people should enter a man’s house          
  89. The Jumu’ah prayer is compulsory    
  90. There is not a single Prophet who     
  • There will be no Mahdi and no lsa    
  • The Mahdi shall come from  
  • He who knows himself knows his lord          
  • Make your Tawassul with my Glory 
  • Allah the Most High has promised    
  • Verily Allah has Angels whom
  • ! The white rooster is my friend
  • Music sows hypocrisy in the hearts
  • A Shaikh is like a Prophet among his people
  • Necessity knows no law

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