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History- Islamic English History Book

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We bring some of the best, Islamic English Book History books that can be found on this page. Download books for free. If you like them buy them

These books contain both classical and contemporary literature which were written by prominent scholars

Essence of historyi-studies

One of the major reason for which we’re encouraged to study history is so that, as Muslims, we can nourish our self-awareness and as a result unify ourselves around the predominant element of our identity: the kalimah of tawhīd, “lā ilāha illAllah, Muhammad ar-rasūlAllah.” We all declare this kalimah and believe in it, but rarely do we think about the exclusive membership it provides us with – by declaring this kalimah, we become part of the Muslim ummah, a family that has existed for more than 1,400 years and has spread to every corner of our planet. Allah (subhānahu wa ta’āla) chose you and I out of millions upon millions of people, at His own discretion, to be part of this family.