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110 AHAAITH QUDSI pdf download

📘 Book Title 110 Ahaaith Qudsi
👤 Book AuthorSyed Masood-ul-Hasan
🖨️ Total Pages126
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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110 Ahaaith Qudsi – sayings of the Prophet & Having Allahs Statements


Some Book Contents

  • Superiority of spending on good works and enjoining that
  • Nothing but sand can satisfy fully the belly of Son of Adam
  • Superiority of making ablution at night (1.e. praying)
  • Superiority of supplication at night 0
  • Superiority of Voluntary prayers
  • Merits of raising the (Adhdn) prayer-call
  • Superiority of Fajr and Asr Prayers  
  • Superiority of staying in the mosque from Maghrib
  • (Evening) prayer to ‘sha (Night) prayer
  • Superiority of performance of four Rak ‘at at the forenoon
  • Superiority of La haula wa la quwwata illa Billah
  • Superiority of asking forgiveness by a son for his parents
  • Satan’s provision  
  • The first creation of Allah
  • Superiority of saying: peace be upon the Prophet
  • Inducement of good and Prohibition of evil
  • Superiority of Surat Al-Fatiha (the Opening Surah)
  • Sin of breaking ties with the relatives
  • Injustice is forbidden 99
  • Portraying animateness is Forbidden
  • Punishment of those who quarrel with one another
  • Superiority of the Followers of Muhammad
  • Punishment of the one who alters in religion after the death of the Prophet
  • The Upper Hand is better than the Lower
  • Allah’s Endowment upon Prophet Muhammad
  • If neighbours witness that the dead was pious

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