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85% OF QUR’ANIC WORDS pdf download

📘 Book Title85% OF QUR’ANIC WORDS
👤 Book AuthorAbdulazeez Abdulraheem
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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85% Of Qur’anic Words by Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem


Please keep the following points in mind while studying this booklet.

  1. No. of words and their meanings: The words given in this booklet occur 65912 times (85.1%). The Qur’an has 77430 words (approx).
  2. Most common meanings: For each word, only the most common meanings are given. Some words may have other meanings too, depending upon their context. However, the number of such words is very small.
  3. More than one meanings: A comma is placed between the meanings if they are similar, and a semicolon is placed between them if they are different. For example: (above , up (+) and (eye; spring).
  4. Most commonly occurring words: The words listed in the first six pages occur very frequently. Some of them occur in combination with each other. They constitute a whopping 41.1% (31852) of the total words.
  5. Word count on each page: At the bottom left of the page, total is provided for the number of times the words of that page occurr in the Qur’an. The bottom right shows the

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