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A critical analysis of the Modernists and Hadeeth rejectors pdf download

Book Title A Critical Analysis Of The Modernists And Hadeeth Rejectors
Book AuthorSajid Kayum
Total Pages145
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A critical analysis of the Modernists and Hadeeth rejectors

تحليل نقدي لطائفة منكري السنة


Book contents

  • Overview
  • The Two Modernist Trends
  • Philosophy and its conflict with Islam
  • ‘Ilmul-Kalaam’ and sects that pursued it
  • Major Deviations of the Mu’tazilah
  • An Important note on the harmony between sound intellect and Quran and Sunnah
  • Reasons for the spread of Mu’tazili Ideology
  • A testament of the great ordeals caused by the Mu’tazilah: Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal’s Trial
  • Imam Abu Hanifa’s condemnation of Kalaam

Section One

  • Mu’tazilah,  modernists
  • Imam al-Ghazzali’s rejection of Philosophy and Kalaam
  • The Aqlaniyyah (rationalists) school of thought
  • The Modernist Movement
  • The Modernist Call to Transform Islam
  • Call to adapt and adjust the religion to the requirements and necessities of the times
  • Call for the renewal of the Deen claiming advancement of the society
  • Free interpretation of the Qur’aanic injunctions without any hindrance or intervention of the Sunnah
  • The claim that Qur’aan can only be a relevant source of guidance as long as it can be interpreted independently in the present
  • Non-acceptance of Ahaad Ahadeeth in matters of Aqeedah
  • Dividing the Sunnah into ‘Sunnah Tashree’eah’ and ‘Ghair Tashree’eah’
  • Support for Wahdat al-Adyaan (unity of religions)
  •  Modernists and ‘Hadeeth-Rejectors’
  •  ‘Neo Modernists’ or Progressives
  • The Female-Imam Fiasco
  • Deen based on feelings
  • Disputing agreed-upon matters
  • The True Meaning of Ijtihad v/s the false understanding of the Progressives
  • A Movement in Disarray

Section Two

  • Munkareen al-Hadeeth (the Hadeeth-Rejecters)
  • The Misguidance of Rejecting Hadeeth
  • Hadeeth-rejecters come in different orientations
  • Hallmarks of the Hadeeth-rejecters
  • Callers to evil masquerading as Reformers
  • Authority and Significance of Sunnah in Islam
  • The Example of Allah’s Messenger is part of Islam
  • Allah’s Messenger  received revelations beside the Qur’aan
  • The Sunnah is in itself a Revelation from Allah
  • The Qur’aan needs to be understood as Allah meant it to be understood
  • The Qur’aan can only be correctly understood in light of the Sunnah
    • The Sunnah explains the commands of the Qur’aan in details
    • The Sunnah establishes a meaning, when a number of meanings are possible
    • The Sunnah can specify exceptions to a general rule
    • The Sunnah also gives additional injunctions in a number of issues
    • Inadequacy of language alone to understand Qur’aan
  • vi) Detailed book?
  • Allah’s Protection for the Dhikr includes all the Deen
  • Defining Sunnah and Hadeeth
  • Preservation of Hadeeth
  • Compilation of the Qur’aan
  • Compilation of Hadeeth
  • Writing Hadeeth
  • Saheefah Hammaam ibn Munabbih
  • Structure of Hadeeth and Methodology of its authentication
  • Doubt: Hadeeth were not written (the primary objection)
  • Doubt: No Effort was put into preserving Hadeeth
  • Doubt: Does every narrator in the chain understand Hadeeth correctly?
  • Doubt : Hadeeth collection and verification is human effort
  • An Analysis of the Extreme Misguidance of the
  • Hadeeth-rejecters
  • Are Hadeeth-Rejectors Liberal?
  • Perwez classifies people as faithful and disbelievers by Tafseer based on his personal opinion
  • Farahi’s principle of coherence and the result of not following it
  • A Response to Doubts raised by Maulana Mawdudi on the science of hadeeth verification

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