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A Dictionary Of Islamic Terms Arabic English pdf

Book Title A Dictionary Of Islamic Terms Arabic English
Book AuthorMuhammad Ali Alkhuli
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A dictionary of Islamic terms Arabic English


The author says: I felt the need for a dictionary of Islamic terms while I was writing some English books on Islam to introduce the Islamic religion to non-Muslims.

 I also found that many Arab writers of such English books have the same feeling about the need for such a dictionary because Islamic terms are available in Arabic, to begin with.

Therefore, I developed the intention to compile a bilingual Arabic-English dictionary and an English-Arabic dictionary on Islamic terms. The result of this intention has been this dictionary.

This dictionary contains the terms related to the Holy Quran, the Sunna, worship, transactions, manners, penal laws, the permitted, the prohibited, marriage, divorce, waiting period, inheritance, jurisprudence, pillars of Islam, God’s names, Prophets’ names, names of the Quranic chapters, many terms that may come under the umbrella of “Islamic terms”, and terms needed in comparative religious studies.

To facilitate using this dictionary, I would like to mention the following:

  1. In Arabic entries, the verb appears in the past form.
  2. In English entries, the verb appears in the infinitive form.
  3. In Arabic entries, the definitive al is omitted whenever necessary. It only appears when it is an inseparable part of the noun.
  4. Arabic words are almost completely vocalized in both dictionaries to make it easier for the reader and more accurate for the researcher.
  5. In cases of English multiple synonyms of an Arabic entry or cases of Arabic multiple synonyms of an English entry, priority has been given to the most frequent and most suitable synonym.

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