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A Gift to Husband and Wife pdf download

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 A Gift To Husband And Wife
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Maulana Ali Thanvi
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Discord amongst women – A GIFT TO HUSBAND AND WIFE

The discord and conflicts between, women are not shadeed (serious) but rather they are madeed (lengthy). If there are embittered relations between them, they extend over a long period of time.

Another evil habit they have is that whenever they quarrel over something, they have a penchant to dig up old bones. This, malady is found relatively to a lesser degree amongst men. Even if matters have been sorted out and old scores have been settled women tend to repeat the same old problems on another occasion of dispute. The problems of the second occasion may be trivial but simply as a result of “digging up old bones”, it gets very serious, particularly when her reminder is in harsh and heart-rending words in which women are very proficient. On occasions of censure and rebuke, she will boast of all her past favors in a manner that is really disturbing and heart-rending ((lnsidaadul-Fasaad page 326))

Difference between the anger and disputes of men and women

A man’s disposition contains a tremendous amount of heat. This is why the effects of their anger are exposed in the form of beating, shouting and screaming. Women on the other hand have been endowed, with modesty and coolness within their dispositions. This is why the effects of their’ anger are not readily exposed. In actual fact, the anger of women surpasses that of men. Due to a relative deficiency in their intellectual capabilities, they tend to become furious on occasions where ….Download full Pdf

Domestic chores are also a form of Ibaadat

Overcome with religious zeal and fanatical piety, some women tend to take a tasbeeh and sit on the Musalla (prayer mat). The responsibilities of the household are consigned to the maids and other domestic servants. This is not a very good approach. Supervising the household and …..

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