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A Mercy For All That Exists pdf download

Book Title A Mercy For All That Exists
Book AuthorMuhammad al-Tijan
Total Pages28
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A mercy for all that exists


From the book:

To: All our brothers in humanity; to the people of the North. C/O: The Danish

As the smoke of your bitter, dirty and hence expensive derision is still lingering in the air, and as the insult- it implied for Islam and its Honorable Prophet Muhammad, may Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him, and may Allah the exalted keep him safe from any derogative intention- shall remain gnawing at our minds; let us start our article with the following English Ballad of a Soldier:

The dove has torn her wing …

So no more songs of love.

We are not here to sing ….

We are here Jo kill the dove.

First of all, let us try and give you a concise fragrant account from among his sealed nectar; i.e. from his biography- may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him-

for if we tried to give most- let alone all- of it, then we shall need big volumes. Yet before we start, allow me to assure you that whatsoever you do, we- and by we I mean all Muslims- will never, even, think of throwing a shadow of doubt at the miraculous creation of Jesus Christ.

Nay! But we shall not approach him but with sincere love and sound creed that he was a Messenger of Allah (God) and His Word which He bestowed on Mary. The One whom you tried hard to insult- yet to no avail- has taught us so from what has been revealed to him from his Lord- Allah, Glorified be Him- through Jibreel (Gabriel).

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