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Book Title A Mercy To The Universe
Book AuthorSaeed al-Qahtan
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A mercy to the universe


Book’s introduction

The Prophet was a favor and blessing not just for Arabs, the people among whom he was sent, but for people of all races and colors. In a speech he gave during his Farewell Pilgrimage, the Prophet said,

يا أيها الناس إن ربكم واحد، وإن أبا گم واحد، ألا لا فضل عربي على أعجمي ولا أعجمي على عربي، ولا لأحمر على أشود، ولا لأسود على أحمر إلا بالتقوي

“O people, your Lord is One, and your father is one (ie. Adam). Lo! An Arab is not superior to a non-Arab, a non-Arabis not superior to an Arab, a red-skinned person is not superior to a black-skinned person, and a black-skinned person is not superior to a red skinned person – except through Al-Taqwa (piety,

righteousness, fear of Allah). [1] While today’s non-Muslims acknowledge that Islam spread with lightning-like speed throughout the Arabian Peninsula – and beyond – many among them refuse to honestly investigate the reasons why.

Prejudiced beyond reason – through their upbringing and the lies they hear and read about in all forms of media – many non-Muslims attribute the rapid spread of Islam in the 6th century to utterly false causes: primarily, the sword and tribal loyalties.

 To be sure, the Prophet could not have gained many converts by the sword, since, throughout most of his life, he was either persecuted or led armies that were inferior in size and arms to the armies of enemy forces.

 And tribal loyalties played a role not in bringing people to Islam, but in turning them away from it, since the vast majority of people from the Prophet’s tribe initially – and for many years afterwards – rejected his message.

 Then what was the reason why so many people embraced Islam so quickly? Well, the reasons are many, one of the main ones being that the Prophet came with the truth, the truth being something that is appealing to the hearts of, if not most, then at least a good many men.

Another reason – and it is one that is very pertinent to the subject matter of this book – is the noble qualities with which Alláh & blessed the Prophets.

If one were to study in detail the Prophet’s biography, one would find numerous examples of men who embraced Islam because they were impressed by at least one of the many noble characteristics of the Prophet – such as his generosity, forbearance, kindness, compassion, gentleness, patience, humbleness, justice, mercy, bravery, or strength.

His staunchest enemies became his closest followers when the cloud of blind prejudice was removed from their sight, and when they were able, for the very first time, to see with clarity the true nature of the Prophet’s character.

Thumâmah ibn Uthal, having been forgiven by the Prophet expressed a sentiment that was shared by many other former enemies of Islam. He said to the Prophet

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