A Muslim Response To The Attack On America
📘 Book TitleA Muslim Response To The Attack On America
👤 Book AuthorImran Huseyn
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A Muslim Response To The Attack On America by IMRAN N. HOSEIN

About the Book

I have followed with indescribable pain the cowardly American terrorist attacks on those Muslims of Afghanistan who took a stand for Islam and who were entirely innocent of the September 11th terrorist attack on America.

America has consistently followed the same policy of ruthless merciless oppression from the time of the extermination of the indigenous American-Indian peoples and the enslavement of the African people in the Americas to the absolutely shameless support for the relentless oppression of the State of Israel in the Holy Land.

Only those who are completely blind and totally corrupted in respect of their capacity for understanding can fail to see the above.

It was cowardly because the godless enemy is too terrified to ever fight a Muslim on a level battleground. That enemy fights his cowardly battles from the safety of fighter aircrafts, helicopter gun ships, massive bombs, guided missiles, etc., far up in the sky.

But Allah Most High will surely bring us that day, Insha Allah, when we will be able to face the enemy on the ground on a level battleground. Amin! Until that day comes we must continue our struggle to defend ourselves and to resist oppression while showing utmost patience and while holding on to faith.

The struggle must continue regardless of the price we have to pay.

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