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📘 Book Title A Portrait Of Perfection
👤 Book AuthorMohammed Luqmaan Kagee
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A Portrait of Perfection, Blessed Descriptions of The Best of Creation, Part One by Mohammed Luqmaan Kagee


Sayyidunà al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali reported:

I inquired from my maternal uncle, Hind ibn Abu Halah, about the noble features of Rasiilullah &. He had often described the noble features of Rasulullah in detail.

I felt that I should hear from him some of the noble features of the blessed Prophet $ so that I could make this description testimony and proof for myself.

My uncle described the noble features of Rasulullah s by saying: Rasulullah had great qualities and attributes in him, and people also held him in high esteem. His blessed face shone like the full moon.

He was slightly taller than a person of medium height but shorter than a tall person.

His blessed head was moderately large. His blessed hair was slightly twisted. If his hair became parted in the middle he left it so, otherwise, he did not habitually part his hair in the middle. Rasülullàh W had a very luminous complexion and a wide forehead.

 He had dense and fine hair on his eyebrows. Both eyebrows were separate and did not meet each other in the middle, and there was a vein between them that used to expand when he became angry.

His nose was prominent and had a light and luster on it

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