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A Refined Explanation of The Sanusi Creed pdf download

Book Title A Refined Explanation Of The Sanusi Creed
Book AuthorSaid Foudah
Total Pages228
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A Refined Explanation of The Sanusi Creed – The Foundational Proofs by Shaykh Said Foudah

A refined Explanation of The Sanusi Creed – The Foundational Proofs

Contents of the Book  

  • Prologue
  • Introduction
  • A Brief Biography of Imam Abu ‘Abdullah alSanusi, ,
  • The Foundational Proofs [Umm alBarahin],
  • By Muhammad B. Yusuf alSanusi alHasani, ,
  • Abridgement of Imam Ahmad B. Isa’s Commentary, ,
  • Judgements,
  • Rational Judgements.
  • What is obligatory in the Sacred Law upon every legally responsible person,
  • Knowledge and Conformism.
  • Some of what is necessary for Allah,
  • The SelfSignifying Attribute,
  • The negative attributes,
  •  PreEternality [Qidam],
  •  Endlessness [Baqaʾ],
  •  Absolute dissimilarity from all contingent beings [Mukhalafa lilHawadith],
  •  SelfSubsistence [Qiyam bilNafs],
  •  Oneness [Wahdaniyya],
  • The Qualitative Attributes [Ṣifat alMa’ani],
  •  Omnipotence and Will,
  •  Knowledge,
  •  Life,
  •  Hearing and Sight,
  •  Speech,
  • The Predicative Attributes [AlṢifat alMaʿnawiyya],
  •  Him being All Powerful,
  •  Him being Willing,
  •  Him being AllKnowing,
  •  Him being Living,
  •  Him being AllHearing,
  •  Him being AllSeeing,
  •  Him being Speaking,
  •  Some of what is impossible for Allah, The Sublime and Majestic,
  •  Non Existance [ʿAdam],
  •  Contingency [Ḥuduth],
  •  Having an End,
  •  Having likeness to contingencies,
  •  Inability to affect what is possible,
  • What is possible for Allah, the Exalted.
  • The Rational Proof for Allah’s Existence,
  •  Affirming something additional to a substance : An accident,
  •  Invalidating the view that it is selfsubsistent, & Invalidating the view that it can Displace Itself, [ & ],
  •  Invalidating the view of its manifestation & concealment,
  •  Establishing that it is impossible for something external to cease in its Existence,
  •  Affirming that substances are inseparable fromthis addition [the accident],
  •  Establishing the Impossibility of contingencies without a first, [Ḥawadith awwal laha],
  • The Rational Proof for PreEternality,
  • The Rational Proof for Endlessness,
  • The Rational Proof for Allah’s Absolute Dissimilarity from Contingent Beings,
  • The Rational Proof for for Allah’s Self Subsistence,
  • The Rational Proof for Allah’s Oneness,
  • The Rational Proof that Allah is Described with Omnipotence, Will, Knowledge and Life,
  • The Rational Proof for Hearing, Sight and Speech,
  • The Rational Proofs for the Impossibilities,
  • The Rational Proof that Allah can Affect the Possible or Leave it.

Chapter Five

  • The Messengers, Peace and blessings be upon them,
  • What is neccessary for the Messengers,
  • What is Impossible for the Messengers,
  •  Lying,
  •  Treachery [Khiyana],
  •  Concealment,
  •  Stupidity and Dimwittedness,
  • Â What is possible for the Messengers,
  • Â The Rational Proofs,
  •  The Rational Proof that Truthfulness is Necessary for them,
  •  The Rational Proofthat Faithfulness is necessary for them,
  •  The Rational Proof that they Conveyed what they were Ordered to convey,
  •  The Rational Proof that Intelligence and Sagacity are necessary for them,
  •  The Rational Proof that it is Possible for the Messengers to Possess Incidental Qualities,
  •  The Benefits of the Messengers Possessing Incidental Qualities.
  • Chapter [VI],
  • How the Meanings of this Doctrine are contained within the Meaning of the Two Testimonies: There is no God but Allah & Muhammad is The Messenger of Allah,
  • SelfSufficiency,
  • Life,
  • Omnipotence,
  • Will,
  • Knowledge,
  • Oneness,
  • Muhammad is The Messenger of Allah, salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam,
  • The Angels,
  • The Revealed Books,
  • . The Last Day,
  • . Belief in the Messengers.
  • Chapter [VII],
  • . Â The Meaning of Iman and Islam.
  • Bibliography,
  • Authors Bibliography by Shaykh Galal ‘Ali ‘Amer al-Jihani.

A Refined Explanation of The Sanusi Creed

The Foundational Proofs of Imam al-Sanusi, ‘alayhi ar-Rahman, is one of the foundational works in Islamic theology and is considered historically as an elemental text in traditional Islamic education. Studied for centuries and memorized by children throughout the Islamic world,

 The Foundational Proofs offers readers a methodical outline of Islamic doctrine that satisfies the mind and the heart alike. In this age of mass confusion and intellectual malaise, where fundamental Islamic beliefs are misunderstood and credulity is championed as faith,

The Foundational Proofs explains the tenets of faith and supports them both rationally and textually. Further enhancing the value of this work is the engaging and relevant additions of Shaykh Saeid Foudah, one of the world’s leading Islamic theologians today, who presents Imam al-Sanusi’s work with the interlineal commentary of Imam Ahmad b. Isa al-Ansari and engaging and detailed footnotes collated from a variety of famous commentaries, such as those by Imam al-Bajuri, Imam al-Battawi, Imam al-Sawi, Imam al-Marghani, may Allah have mercy upon them, and others, as well as his own insightful comments.

Book’s Foreword

One of the most important tasks for a person to engage in is earnest research into the doctrines of the Islamic faith. That is because the religion of Islam is based upon proofs and sound evidence; it does not contradict science or violate the fundamentals of rationality.

Fundamentally, the religion of Islam is based upon rationality, and while it is true that it does not ignore the emotional aspect of religion, faith that is not grounded in the intellect is not considered perfect faith, nor is it capable of withstanding or confronting false beliefs, specious arguments, or the doubts that are spread in each age.

Here Shaykh Sa`id Foudah has taken it upon himself to explicate the foundational beliefs of Islam and tenets of faith as based on the intellect, and to demonstrate their congruity with and non-contradiction to the sciences of logic and science Shaykh Galal al-Jihani.

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