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A Standard Dictionary of Muslim Names pdf

With 99 Ninety Nine Names of ALLAH

Book Title A Standard Dictionary Of Muslim Names
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A standard dictionary of Muslim names


· The Most Gracious The Most Merciful The SovereignAr-Rabman Ar- Rabim Al-Malik 
The Holy OneAl-Quddus 
The Source of peaceAs-Salam 
The Guardian of faithAl-Mu-min 
The ControllerAl-Muhaymin 
The Almighty, Exalted in power, Exalted in mightAl-‘Aziz                            
The Irresistible                                   Al-Jabbar                           
The justly proud The Creator The OriginatorAl-Mutakabbir Al-Khaliq Al-Bari 
The FashionerAl-Mu awwir 
The Forgiving, The ForgiverAl-Gaffar 
The Supreme and IrresistibleAl-Qahhar 
The Grantor of BountiesAl-Wahhab 
The Provider,  The SustainerAr-Razaq 
The RevealerAl-Fattab. 
The All Knowing, The OmniscientAl-‘Alim 
The RestrainerAl-Qabidh 
The ExpanderAl-Ba.sit 
The Abaser, The HumblerAl-Khafidh 
The Raiser, The ExhaltetAr-Rafi’
The Honourer The Degrader, The SubduerAl-Mu’iz Al-Muzill

The All Hearing                                As-Sarni’                     

The Discerning, The All Seeing      Al-Ba ir                          

The Arbitrator, The Judge               Al-Hakam           

The Justice, The EquitableAl-‘Adil
The GraciousAl-Latif
The Well Acquainted, The Well AwareAl-Khabir

The Most Forbearing                         Al-Halim            

The Great, The Mighty                      Al-‘Azim                       

The Oft Forgiving, The Pardoner    Al-Gafiir                        

The Grateful, The Thankful ·          Ash-Shakor             

The Most HighAl-·aAlah
The GreatAl-Kabir
The Guardian, The PreserverAl.-Hafi-z
The Maintainer, The NourisherAl-Muqit

The Noble, The Reckoner                  Al-Hasib                    

The Honorable, The Exhalted          Al-Jalil                         

The Most Generous, The Bountiful   The Guardian, The WatchfulAl-Karim   Ar-Raqib’
The Respondent, One Who AnswersAl-Mujib
The OmnipresentAl-Wasi•
The Most Wise, The JudiciousAl-ijakim

The Full off loving,                          Al-Wadud           .

The Affectionate

The Glorious, The Exalted               Al-Majid                            

The Resurrector, The Raiser from deathAl-Ba’ith
The witnessAsh-Shahid
The Truth, The justAl-Haqq
The Guardian, The Trustee  Al-Wakil
The Powerful, The Almighty  Al-Qawi
The Strong, The firmAl-Matin
  The Defender, The Master  Al-Wali
The Praiseworthy, The CommendableAl-Hamid
The Restorer, The ResurrectorAl-Mubdiu
The Bestower, The Life GiverAl-Muhyi
The Bringer of DeathAl-Mumit
The Ever Living The Self-SubsistingAl-Hayy Al-Qayyum
The All PerceivingAl-Wajid
The OneAl-Wahid
The Noble, The IllustriousAl-Majid
The Only, The UniqueAl-Ahad
The Absolute, The EternalA -Samad
The Capable, The OmnipotentAl-Qadir
The Capable, The All PowerfulAl-Muqtadir
The Presenter, The AdvancerAl-Muqaddim
The Fulfiller, The Keeper BehindAl-Mii-kh khir
The FirstAl-Awwal
The LastAl-Akhir
The Apparent, The ExrteriorAz-Zahir
The Interior, The Latent. Al-Batin
The Ruler, The MasterAl-Wali
The Most High, One Above ReproachAl-Muta’ali
The Beneficient, The PiousAl-Barr
The Forgiver, Oft ReturningAt-Tawwab
The Vindictive, The AvengerAl-Muntaqim
The Forgiver, The EffacerAl-‘Afuww
The Merciful, The Ever IndulgentAr-Ra-iif

The just, The Equitable                      Al-Muqsit                       

The Collector, The                             Al-Jami’                            


The Rich, The All Sufficing             Al-Ganii                             

The Sufficer, The Bestower              Al-Mugnii                         

The Prohibiter, The DefenderAl-Mani’
The Afflicter, The Bringer ofAdh-dhar
Th Beneficial, The PropitiousAn-Nafi’
The LightAn-Nur
The GuideAl-Hadi
The Originator, The Wonderful OriginatorAl-Badi’
The Everlasting, The EternalAl-Baqi
The InheritorAl-Warith

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