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A TEAR FOR THE BELOVED Rabeeul Anaam pdf

📘 Book Title A Tear For The Beloved
👤 Book Authorabdul Hussain Taalei
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A Tear for The Beloved – Rabeeul Anaam fi Adeea -e- Khairil Anaam by abdul Hussain Taalei


General view on supplications

 Supplications and ziyaaraat (salutations) are special modes of Islamic cognition.

Nay, these are profound lessons in monotheism, creed, and ethics and from its characteristics are the explanation of Islamic laws and injunctions.

 It is not, as is generally understood, a ritual or a formality.

There are numerous incidental benefits related to invocations, some of which are as follows:

 Relation: By nature, man feels lonely and desolate in this world due to its difficulties, problems and sorrows and hence, is in continuous and eternal need of his Creator.

Thus, it is essential that this relation with his Creator should be true, continuous and eternal, referring to Him in a state of humility, humbleness and feeling utterly lowly while begging.

Aim of supplication: In a state of desperation, difficulty, poverty and their like, man pleads only with his Creator through invocation and supplication.

This is due to his short sight, limited thoughts and ignorance of what awaits him in the hereafter.

And that he is negligent of what Allah, the Almighty, intends of him and that which He has informed His Prophet (s.a.) in the explicit verse of His book

And I have not created the Jinn and the humans except that they worship Me.”(l) And like Ameerul Momineen (a.s.) said, “Invocation (dua) is the essence of worship. “

Then, the creature, due to his excessive involvement in the transient world, forgets the quote of the Holy Prophet (a.s.) who said, “The world is the field for the hereafter.”

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