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Al- Farouk Omar Ibn Al-Khattab the Second Caliph pdf

Book Title Al Farouk Omar Ibn Al Khattab The Second Caliph
Book AuthorMohammad Redha
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Al- Farouk Omar Ibn Al-Khattab the Second Caliph

الفاروق عمر بن الخطاب ثان الخلفاء الراشدين رضي الله عنهم

By Mohammad Redha – Interpreted by Mohammad Agha

(For whom may Allah’s good pleasure is prayed)


Omar Ibn al-Khattab, the second orthodox caliph, is a great man, considered one of the strongest and wisest men in history. He was a farsighted, nicest, and most honest man. His life is worthy of a precise study.

He was an example of gallantry, vigilance, justice, fairness, caring for the subjects, austerity, renunciation, and desperate struggle for benefitting each one of the citizens. He did not take biased attitudes to any notable or rich or relative; he did neither belittle a small person or a poor man.

Abu Bakr al-Seddeq saw him strong and a man of will and he trusted him and, in his loyalty, because he knew that his covert and overt thinking were alike all good. When he was appointed as caliph, he showed that he was a gracious father of Moslems and a beneficent brother, a skillful politician, and a fair judge.

Ibn Masoud said: «Omar’s Islam was a conquest; his immigration was a victory and his caliphate was a mercy».

It is worthy that each sponsor and each chief takes Omar’s life as an example to follow and to be guided by his conduct, morality, and his great interest in people as well as by his wisdom and policy.

Those who read history find that the era of the Messenger of Allah, to whom may Allah’s Blessings and peace be granted, and the period of the orthodox caliphs, for whom may Allah’s great pleasure is prayed, as the best example of honesty, truth, justice, and dignity the world ever witnessed.

Their government was the highest quality government that dealt with its subjects with fairness and even-handed policy as well as educated them and promoted their morality

{It is imperative that those who read the life story of Omar, for whom my Allah’s good pleasure is prayed, contemplate and think about the incidents and events in order to gain telling lessons and sermons out of that great and straight morality and to act accordingly as much as possible so that the orient restores its original fame, greatness, glory and dignity and so that spirits get revived after they got lukewarm and cool;

and virtues prevail after vices were dominant, as well as spirits get pure after they were contaminated with greeds and got ornamented with the life’s vanities; and after whims governed and morality got corrupt and confidence got lost as the elderly people are no longer with mercy on the younger, nor the young people have respect for the elderly.

And selfishness has become dominant and money-loving has become sacred.

There will be no fruits out of reading history if you read it as stories, then forget about them without keeping anything in memory but names and events.

Not only for this objective we write books and spend all our life through study and research! {Life is not a game, entertainment, vanity, and self-conceit; but it must be action, seriousness, good fruits, example, a benefit for human society, and treatment for its plagues.

Those heroes and leaders who believed in Allah and were guided by the messenger of Allah have enlightened our road and opened the universe, not with the aim of conquest, expansion, or fulfilling their ambitions, but for guidance, dissemination of science, establishing the sound city which is void of impurities. Even their bodies are under the earth;

their acts, honorable stories are immortal and still standing as witnesses for their good behavior and pure spirits.

These good stories are the witness of the victory of virtues over vices and the victory of the right, over bad and evil, and that the life of men and nations means the sacrifice and struggle by the leader and the people for the sake of the public interest; and its death means frustration, negligence, selfishness-devotion hatred, inter-fight, and envy.

By recording the life of the orthodox caliphs, we do not only serve history; for history by itself deserves no consideration, as it is viewed as a matter of luxurious knowledge.

History may be dealt with as amusement and talk.

In fact, the objective of history is the consideration of the nations past and sorting out their merits on the one hand, and avoiding their bad aspects and their negative experiences on the other.

This is in addition to considering the means of high-quality life and pleasure as well as the reasons of collapse and misery. By doing this, we offer a service to humanity and unveil the secret of the nation and individual’s greatness, as well as the benefit of society.

For this, I am going to draw the attention of the reader to the important places in the life of Omar, for whom may Allah’s good pleasure is prayed, in order to make use of it in his life and to let others, his family, beloved and nation, make use of them. Omar’s life was full of telling lessons and examples.

His descent and Birth

Omar Ibn al-Khattab Ibn Nafil Ibn Abdul-Eza Ibn Riyah Ibn Abbdullah Qurt Ibn Razah Ibn Ka’ab Ibn Louay Ibn Ghaleb al-Qurashi al-Adawi, and his title is: «Abu Hafs».

His mother Hantama daughter (Bint) Maghira lbn Abdullah lbn Omar Ibn Makhzoum.

Omar was quoted as saying: «I was born four years after the great al­Fujar, viz thirty years before the prophetic resurrection.

His children and wives

Omar had Abdullah, Abdul Rahman, the older, and Hafsa from their mother Zainab bint Mazoun°’ lbn Habib Ibn Wahb lbn Hazafa lbn Jamah; Zaid al-Akbar Labqieh and Rukkaiah from their mother Om Kalthoum bint Ali Ibn Abi Taleb and her mother Fatima hint the Messenger of Allah;

Zaid al-Asghar and Obaidyllah who were killed at Seffin Battle with Mou’awya and their mother Om Kalthoum bint Jarwal; A’ssem and his mother Jamila bint Thabet and Abdul Rahman al-Awsat; who is Abu al-Mujber and his mother Lahia Om Walad;

Abdul Rahman al­Asghar and his mother Om Walad, Fatima, her mother Om Hakim hint al­Harith lbn Hisham, Zainab, who was the youngest among the daughters and sons of Omar, her mother Fakiha Om Walad, and Ayyas lbn Omar,

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