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AL-MURSHID AL-MU`IN pdf download

📘 Book Title Al Murshid Al Muin
👤 Book AuthorIbn Ashir
🖨️ Total Pages66
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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al-Murshid al-Mu`in by Ibn `Ashir Translated A supplemental Text for Users of the Guiding Helper Arabic Text of Ibn `Ashir’sal-Murshid al-Mu`in with English Footnote Translation (Presented by the Guiding Helper Foundation)


We are presenting this translation of Ibn `Ashir’s original al-Murshid al-Mu`in text to serve as a supplement to the Guiding Helper.

This translation is not meant to be a replacement for the Guiding Helper texts (which are unparalleled in their ease of use and teaching of traditional Islam, especially for those who lack a qualified and authorized teacher).

Rather, this translation is presented to the public for the following reasons: a) A group of the honest students of the Guiding Helper have expressed interest in memorizing the original Arabic version of Ibn `Ashir’s text and a clearly printed and voweled copy makes their objective more accessible.

Additionally, the accompanying translation will help those students who are still struggling (word-by-word) to understand Arabic excerpts achieve the correct understanding of the verses they memorize at a faster rate.

b) Some doubt has remained in the minds of those who are not thoroughly experienced in these branches of knowledge about how accurately we have conveyed our greatgrandteacher’s work in the Guiding Helper.

And this text is meant to demonstrate for the layperson that he/she is actually receiving an accurate version of the teachings of Ibn `Ashir and the Maliki Scholars whom he represented in the Guiding Helper. c)

A literal translation such as this will demonstrate the uselessness of such a text as a stand-alone unit in actually teaching the practice of the din. A translation such as this can only serve as a supplement to a qualified and trained teacher or to a thoroughly detailed manual written and illustrated specifically for beginners.

 Those who try to learn detailed laws, beliefs, and practices from such bare texts are in danger of misinterpretation.

And the various interpretations (there would be multiple valid and invalid interpretations) which would inevitably sprout up from using such a text in the West as the primary means to learn and teach the din will cause fragmentation of the followers after the first generation of teachers still connected to the live Arabic tradition.

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