📘 Book Title Al Risala Al Ladunniyya
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Al Risala Al Ladunniyya by Imam Ghazali


This is a short treatise giving an account of al-Ghazali’s religious philosophy, in a compact form.

It includes his theory of Knowledge, which is discussed very fully regarding its nature, its different types, and the Numbered No. 40 in Brockelmann’s Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur (vol. I, p. 423).

 It has been printed in Cairo (a.h. 1343) and from this edition, I have made my translation, after collation with the India Office MS. 612, which gives a better reading in several instances.

There are also Cairo texts printed in a.h. 1328 and a.h. 1353 (the latter in the collection entitled al-Jawdhir al-Ghawali). It is found in MS. under the title of “ Fi bayan ilm al-Ladunl , Berlin, 3210.

 It seems to be generally accepted as a genuine work of Ghazal and is included among his writings by Hajj alffia; the theory of Knowledge set forth here and the psychological doctrine are almost identical to those of the Ihya’ ‘Ulum al-Din.

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