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📘 Book Title Albani And Sahih Muslim
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Albani And Sahih Muslim


Nasiruddin al-Albani (d. 1999) was a Muslim autodidact who devoted most of his life to the close study of prophetic hadiths.

 Al-Albani classified as weak hundreds of hadiths considered authentic by most Muslim scholars, including some hadiths found in the Sahih of Muslim.

In this essay, I explain al-Albani’s method of determining that a hadith is either authentic or spurious; discuss the implications of his method when applied to other hadiths;

and examine the hadiths declared weak by al-Albani from the perspective of both the traditional hadith sciences and non-Muslim methods of dating a hadith.

Based on an analysis of 360 hadiths found in the canonical collections that were transmitted by Abu al-Zubayr from Jabir, I argue that Muslim did not regard the transmission terminology used by the Successors as a decisive criterion for determining whether or not a transmitter is reliable.

This argument calls into question al-Albani’s method, for he used terminology as the decisive criterion for assessing the validity of transmissions.

 Our reexamination of one hadith declared weak by al-Albani, called here the Abu al-Zubayr hadith, leads us to question the historicity of at least 125 of his hadiths in Muslim’s Sahih.

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