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ALI THE CALIPH free pdf download

📘 Book Title Ali The Caliph
👤 Book AuthorMohammad Ali Al-Haj Salmin
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Ali The Caliph by Muhammad Ali Al Haj Salmin


From the Book

It is nothing short of a miracle how the Prophet Muhammad altered for the best the very nature of his companions and immediate followers.

Such a degraded people regarding whom Gibbon says it was difficult to differentiate them from the “ Brute creation ” became superably polished, cultured, pious and tolerated under the tutelage of the grand and unequalled Prophet and Reformer.

In the case of Ali, however, the Prophet had led to 11 alter nothing because Ali was so young that his character had not been formed or matured when the Prophet had begun his stupendous work of all round representation.

This as far as elevating human character went, Ali offered a clean slate and the best opportunity to the mighty and brilliant Reformer.

What wonder then that if Ali became the best model and developed into a great Hero in the close companionship of and affectionate attachment of the Holy Prophet !

Ali acquired a supreme mastery not only over the sword and chivalry but also over the pen and learning.

His mastery over the sword was demonstrated in many scores of battles in the defence of the cause of truth.

The learned sermons and wise sayings of Ali preserved to this day perfectly justify the title of “ The gate of Knowledge ” which the Pro- phet had conferred upon him.

In yet another matter Ali achieved perfection — in soul fofce and spiritual power and many saints and sufies in Islam have drawn their spiritual inspiration from him.

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