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Angels in Your Presence
Book Title Angels In Your Presence
Book AuthorOmar Suleiman
Total Pages214
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Angels in Your Presence by Author Omar Suleiman


Book Contents

  • Chapter 1: Angels in Your Presence
  • Chapter 2: Cover
  • Chapter 3: Title Page
  • Chapter 4: Copyright Page
  • Chapter 5: Transliteration Guide
  • Chapter 6: Contents
  • Chapter 7: Introduction
  • Chapter 8: 1 They’ve Got Your Back
  • Chapter 9: 2 Hold Your Pens
  • Chapter 10: 3 Fasting while Others Eat
  • Chapter 11: 4 Sleep Well
  • Chapter 12: 5 Switching Shifts
  • Chapter 13: 6 As You Step Outside
  • Chapter 14: 7 The Banner Above You
  • Chapter 15: 8 Responding to Your Haters
  • Chapter 16: 9 Your Brother’s Honour
  • Chapter 17: 10 The Honour of Your Prophet
  • Chapter 18: 11 Āmīn and for You as Well
  • Chapter 19: 12 The Best Supplication
  • Chapter 20: 13 Be Fair When You Judge
  • Chapter 21: 14 The Seeker of Knowledge
  • Chapter 22: 15 No Strings Attached
  • Chapter 23: 16 The Ultimate Healer
  • Chapter 24: 17 An Entourage of 70,000
  • Chapter 25: 18 When Your Loved Ones Are Dying
  • Chapter 26: 19 An Angel in Human Form
  • Chapter 27: 20 A Caller from Heaven’s Gates
  • Chapter 28: 21 The First Rows
  • Chapter 29: 22 The Friday Roll Book
  • Chapter 30: 23 From Prayer to Prayer
  • Chapter 31: 24 Struggling to Recite
  • Chapter 32: 25 Your Breath in Prayer
  • Chapter 33: 26 When Jibrīl Descends
  • Chapter 34: 27 The Heavens Are Creaking
  • Chapter 35: 28 Praying Behind You
  • Chapter 36: 29 Gatherings of Remembrance
  • Chapter 37: 30 When Allah Loves You
  • Chapter 38: Notes
  • Chapter 39: Back Cover

Book Description

“Angels in Your Presence” by Author Omar Suleiman is a captivating journey that unveils the profound influence of angels in our lives, from the moment of our inception until our ultimate destination. Starting from our very creation in the womb, the book delves into the divine orchestration that surrounds us, revealing how Allah sends an angel to breathe life into us and records our sustenance, deeds, and destined time of departure.

With profound insight, the author explores how, as we step into this world, we encounter the eternal struggle between good and evil. The Devil seeks to lead us astray, while angels tirelessly endeavor to guide us towards righteousness. Amid the fleeting years that pass like a blink of an eye, we are constantly exposed to their celestial interventions, navigating the complexities of life.

Throughout the pages of “Angels in Your Presence,” the author beautifully illustrates how the angels are a comforting presence during moments of vulnerability, and as we reach the end of our earthly journey, they gently call us back to our Creator. These divine beings serve as messengers of hope and mercy, reminding us to seek the pleasure and forgiveness of Allah.

As we come to understand the role of angels in our lives, we are invited to contemplate the transition to the afterlife, where the angels are our companions on the Day of Judgment. They bear witness to our deeds, advocating for us or testifying against us. The narrative takes readers on an emotional and spiritual voyage, preparing us for the ultimate destination – Paradise.

In this compelling exploration, Author Omar Suleiman draws from Islamic teachings and sacred scriptures to shed light on the unseen world of angels and their profound impact on our existence. The book instills a sense of awe and reverence for these celestial beings and invites readers to reflect on the blessings they bring from the invisible realm by the benevolence of our Creator.

“Angels in Your Presence” is a testament to the divine wisdom and compassion that surround us at every step of our lives. With heartfelt anecdotes and powerful insights, this book ignites a deeper connection with the angelic realm and instills hope in the mercy and guidance of Allah. As you turn the pages, you will find solace in the knowledge that these angels are ever-present, offering us divine companionship and steering us towards a life of righteousness and eternal bliss. So, open this enlightening volume and embrace the celestial journey that awaits you.

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