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At Their Feet Piety Towards Parents pdf download

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 At Their Feet Piety Towards Parents
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Ibn Al-Jawzi
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All Praise is due to Allah Who commanded good treatment (of parents) and prohibited disobedience towards them, and may His blessings and peace be on our master Muhammad, the truthful one and accepted, and on all his family and followers on the Day when rights will be exacted.

I have witnessed some youth in our time who do not pay any attention towards being good to them parents and do not regard it to be a necessary part of (our) religion. They raise their voices before their fathers and mothers as if they don’t consider obedience to them to be an obligation. They cut off family relations which Allah has commanded them to enjoin in the Qur’an and for which He has issued the severest warnings if they are severed.

Sometimes they even abandon their relatives and speak out against them. They don’t help those among

them who are poor from the wealth they have been granted (by Allah). It is as if they do not believe in the (cause and) reward for charity! They pay no attention whatsoever in performing good deeds – as if they do not carry any weight within the Shari1 ah and in terms of common sense.

All of these things are supported by common sense and the Shari’ah has gone to great lengths in mentioning their reward and punishment. I therefore felt the need to compile a (short) book on these obligations so that the unaware may take heed. I have arranged it into sections and chapters; and Allah is the One who guides to the truth.

Rational Basis for Being Good to Parents and Enjoining Family Ties

RIGHTS DUE TO SOMEONE WHO renders a favour to you are not hidden to any person of logical discourse. After Allah Almighty, there1s no one who has realised a greater favour to any person than his own parents. His mother bore him in extreme difficulty while carrying him, and at the time of giving birth she went through great hardship and trouble. She did her best in bringing him up and spent sleepless nights tending to him ignoring all her other wants and desires. She gave preference to him over herself each and every time.

His father, in addition to being a cause for his existence, also gave him love, compassion and brought him up by working hard and spending on him. Thus a logical person knows the right of the one who renders a favour to him and tries to repay such favour. Not to recognise the right of the one who effects a favour is (from the) most despicable quality, especially if the person denies such a right and furthermore, repays it with evil.

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