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Babar Rulers Of India pdf download

Book Title Babar Rulers Of India
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Babar Rulers of India


The chief authority for &bar’s life is his own Memoirs or Commentaries, the Wakai’ Tuzak-i­ Babari, on which see pp. u-15.

The English translation by Erskine and Leyden, and Pavet de Courteille’s French version, both cited, but not always verbatim. The blanks in the Memoirs are to some extent filled by notices in the Tarik-i-Rashidi, a history of the Mongols in Central Asia, written by &bar’s cousin, Mirza Haydar, and completed within seventeen years after the Emperor’s death: this important work has been admirably translated and edited by Professor E. Denison RoBB and the late Consul-General N. Elias (1895).

The Tabakat-i-Babari of Shaikh Zain-ad-din is little more than an inflated pa.raphrase of the later portions of the Memoirs. &bar’s daughter, Oul-badan, who survived her father, also left some interesting Memoirs, which remain in MS. in the British Museum (Or. 166).

The Shayban Nama, of Muhammad Salih (ed. Vambery, 1885) gives the rhap­ sodical view of an enemy, and Mirza Iskandar’s history throws light upon &bar’s relations with Sha Isma’il; on which the coins of the period also bear evidence,……….

Book’s Introduction

In the month of Ramazan of the year eight hun­dred and ninety-nine [June, 1494], I became King of Farghana. Such are the opening words of the celebrated Memoirs of Bahar, first of the ‘Moghul’ Emperors of Hindustan.

Bahar is the link between Central Asia. and India., between predatory hordes a.nd imperial government, between Tamerlane and Akbar. The blood of the two great Scourges of Asia, Chingiz and Timur, mixed in his veins, and to the daring and restlessness of the nomad Tatar he joined the culture and urbanity of the Persian.

He brought the energy of the Mongol, the courage and capacity of the Turk, to the listless Hindu; and, himself a soldier of fortune and no architect of empire, he yet the first stone of the splendid fabric which his grand­ son Akbar achieved. His connexion with India. began only in the last……..

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