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Being True With Allah pdf download

Book Title Being True With Allah
Book AuthorAbdullah Azzam
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Being True With Allah


From the book: Imām Ahmad – may Allāh have Mercy upon him – when he would walk in the streets, he would walk amongst the laborers so that nobody would point to him out of respect, and so that the people would think him to just be another laborer, and would therefore not point to him out of respect.19

One of them, when he would enter battle, would disguise himself, and if he ended up with an abundance of war booty, he would conceal his identity and abandon his booty so that the people would not know who had acquired it.20

You all know the story of the one who dug the hole on the day that Maslamah bin ‘Abd al-Malik21 had laid siege to a fortress for a lengthy period of time?

On that night, one of the Mujāhidīn slowly crept up and scaled the wall of the fortress, descended upon the guards, killed them all, and dug open a hole in the wall of the fortress through which the Islāmic army entered and took over the fortress.

 So, Maslamah called out for some time: “Which of you is the one who dug this hole?” Nobody stepped forth. One night, a veiled knight entered Maslamah’s tent, saying: “Do you wish to know who dug that hole?” Maslamah replied: “Yes.”

The knight said: “I will tell you with the condition that you do not mention his name to anyone, and that you do not give him any reward or compensation for it.”

He said: “Yes.”

The knight said: “I am the one who dug that hole,” and did not reveal his name, and rode away quickly.

So, after that, whenever Maslamah was facing the Qiblah while supplicating, he would say: “O Allāh, gather me with the one who dug the hole on the Day of Resurrection.”22

These sincere souls and lofty examples are what used to preserve the Islāmic society from destruction.

Back when the rulers were overtaken by desires, the only thing that saved the society from destruction, and saved the Earth from being shaken, and saved the people from being torn apart and divided were these lofty examples that remained throughout the existence of the Islāmic society, deeply rooted and firm, sometimes being few, and sometimes being plenty.

This is what constitutes the crucial pillar of this building that is known as the Muslim society.

While cement pillars might be just four in number, they are able to hold a massive building that might reach the level of being around a hundred floors tall!

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