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📘 Book Title Beliefs And Practices
👤 Book AuthorMuhammad Qamar Az-Zaman Sahib Allahabadi
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Beliefs And Practices book compiled by Shaykh-E-Tariqat Hadrat Maulana Muhammad Qamaruz Zaman Sahib Allahabadi translated by Maulana Mahomed Mahomedy


From the Book

Tauhid means to consider the Being of Allah ta‘ala alone to be worthy of worship and before whom one prostrates.

A person must believe in Him alone as the Creator, the Master, the Sustainer, and the giver of honour and disgrace.

Risalat means: we must believe that Allah ta‘ala sent many Prophets and Messengers for the guidance of His creation.

The last of these is Sayyiduna MHadrat Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

No Prophet or Messenger is to come after him. Similarly, Allah ta‘ala sent down divine books the last of which is the Qur’an. No divine book is to come after it.

The third belief is of the Resurrection when the entire universe will be destroyed. Allah ta‘ala will then revive it and everyone will have to account for their deeds.

Those who were righteous will enter Paradise through the grace of Allah ta‘ala.

The evil ones will be destined to the Hell-fire. Allah ta’ala says in this regard:

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