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Blasting The Foundations of Atheism pdf download

 Blasting The Foundations of Atheism
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 Blasting The Foundations Of Atheism
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BLASTING THE FOUNDATIONS OF ATHEISM – All praise be to Allah, Lord of all that exists..
Lord of those who accept the truth, and those who do not! Lord of those who see it for what it really is, and those who see not! Keeper and sustainer of those who praise Him, and those who praise Him not!
It‟s been said that: ―Wisdom is the treasure of a Muslim; wherever it may be found, he‘s entitled to it

This is exactly what this book is about: Wisdom.

As a Muslim, I am not searching for wisdom; I believe that what I already have and am about to exhibit here: IS wisdom. This is why Elder sages of Islam, students of the disciples (Salaf) never condoned or approved of the Greek practice of philosophy when it came to issues that have already been answered soundly and consistently by the scripture of Islam.

Most of the philosophers of Greece lacked knowledge of the deity; they knew none other than those pagan gods that were by nature, highly questionable to every sane self-respecting man at the time! So to obtain the ultimate truth; I do not have to be a philosopher! Only those who lack wisdom and sound consistent answers to the largest questions of life would stick to theories of philosophers!
I do not need to study philosophy or logic to be capable of thinking properly! I am not a philosopher or a logician, I never was and I never will call myself a philosopher! And the same goes to Richard Dawkins, author of (The God Delusion)! Perhaps he takes pride in studying some philosophy,

Blasting The Foundations of Atheism

searching for the truth in that literature the way he does, I – on the other hand – do not! And I may easily tell him: “Sorry to disappoint you professor, but you‟ve been searching in all the wrong places!”

Some people think that rational thinking has to be guided or governed by the theories of logicians and philosophers!
Well, it does‟t! Rational thinking – as deep as it takes to examine a philosopher‟s argument – is not a practice that only a philosopher can do!

It was not discovered or devised by a logician! And although the majority of arguments that professor Dawkins puts forth in his book are arguments tackled in the western society basically by philosophers of science and theologians, he was never held back from offering his own views on them by the fact that he is a professor of zoology not of philosophy or theology!

He is simply a man

He is simply a man who specialized in a certain field of human knowledge that – I must say – was for the most part founded on a philosophical stance that drove him – out of his own personal experience with rationale – to the position he is now adopting towards what he calls faith and religion!
The problem now is that he thinks he is using science to make his case here, when indeed he is not, as I shall come to demonstrate! He is only applying fundamentally corrupt philosophical assumptions, supporting them with a radically false application of the scientific method! The rational issue of what “natural science” is,

and what it is all about, is an issue that I addressed repeatedly on the course of this book, but let‟s just say for now that agreeing on a proper definition of science; its purpose, its limits, the nature of its tools and the way it operates, will certainly help us put the subject matter of this book in its correct discipline of human knowledge, and choose the correct tool of human reason to approach it!

I should not go to the lab in search for answer to a question that CANNOT be answered by the tools and the means of “analytic chemistry” as a discipline of human knowledge, should I?

A medical doctor is not in a place of authority to apply medicine for the sake of solving an economical problem, is he? But then again, all humans HAVE to contemplate in those

Blasting The Foundations of Atheism

major questions and obtain their correct answers! Those questions about God, life, death, the purpose of life, and so forth!
Now, in order for them to do that (to simply think properly); do they have to confine themselves to the postulates and theories produced by other humanly limited minds like their own? This would only be unfair wouldn‟t it?

Those are people who knew not, and who only had their shots and attempts by postulating what they only hoped would be the truth! Should you my reader be confined in any way to the means they took, or the arguments they held in so doing?

Do you have to follow the lead of this or that philosopher or this or that theologian only to learn how to apply axiomatic reason? What if his choices were all wrong?

In fact this is exactly why disciplines of human knowledge would usually rejoice in the advent of a new theory that would bravely dig deep enough in the foundations of a previously adopted one, and prove the inconsistency inherent in its postulates! This is what made Einstein – for example – the champion of human knowledge that he is viewed to be!

It takes bravery to question the foundations of a certain epistemic doctrine, a lot of bravery indeed; and it takes even more courage to put forth a totally different platform in its place!

It is amazing

It is amazing though, that as revered as those icons of human knowledge are in the eyes of atheists, they would still hold fast to the platform they have chosen for their process of reasoning as though it is the only humanly acceptable rationale for the question in hand! Einstein did what he did only because he dared to break loose from the platform of the Newtonian conception of the universe! He said to himself:

“This is only a model of the universe proposed by a man like myself;

I‟m not forced by any authority to follow it as though it was unquestionable!” He was brave enough to challenge it – as foundational as it was to the field of theoretical physics in his time – and bring forth a different model!
Atheists never had any problem with that “revolution”, did they?

So why

So why not be at ease with someone who does something similar with the Darwinian conception of life? Well, they may easily praise a new Darwin that may one day come to offer them a better theory (of philosophy actually not of science), only as long as it includes no deity or metaphysical agency whatsoever!

Only as long as his theory is confined to the same platform of thought and reason they have chosen to stand upon and to call „science‟, will it be granted approval in their eyes, and will it then rise to the magnitude of the advent of the theory of natural selection itself in their consideration! What a pity indeed!

Should they for once succeed in taking off the dark, thick shades they put on their eyes, they would easily see that they are actually no different from any ministry of faith that defends and actually fights for its beliefs no matter how questionable they may be, except in the fact that those guys would call it theory of science, while priests would call it tenet or doctrine of faith!

Topics from – Blasting The Foundations of Atheism

  • Thomas Aquinas …
  • omnipotence
  • omniscience
  • goodness
  • The creativity of creation (design),
  • Listening to prayers, forgiving sins
  • And reading innermost thoughts
  • On the Ontological argument!
  • On “The Argument from Beauty”
  • On the Argument from Personal Experience
  • On the Argument from scripture!
  • The scholarly approach to understanding religious scripture
  • On the Argument from Admired Religious Scientists!
  • On the Pascal Wager!
  • On the Bayesian arguments
  • Silly objections to the creation
  • Chapter Two
  • The delusion of improbability!
  • “You do not know the first thing about Natural Selection!”
  • Fundamental semantic corruption and Wordplay!
  • What “explanation” … ?!
  • Natural selection as a consciousness ERASER
  • Reducing the Irreducible, denying the undeniable!
  • The worship of Gaps, you say?!
  • On the Anthropic Principle
  • On the so-called Cosmological version of the Anthropic principle
  • Conclusion
  • Blasting The Foundations of Atheism
  • Epilogue

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