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Book of the end – Great Trials and Tribulations pdf

Book Title Book Of The End
Book AuthorIbn Kathir
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Book of the end – Great Trials and Tribulations by Ibn Katheer


Some of the events that the prophet said would occur after his lifetime

The Prophet gehee intimated that after him Abu Bakr would take charge over the Muslim Nation Once, after the Prophete spoke to a female questioner, he told her to come back at a later time. She said, “And if I do not find you,” as if she was alluding to his death. He then said, “If you do not find me, then go to Abu Bakren.” (Bukhaaree)

And in fact Abu Bakr did assume the duty of leadership after the Prophetae. The Prophet wanted to write a declaration, making it clear that Abu Bakr diens was to be the next Khaleefah. However, he refrained from writing it because he knew that his Companions whitebeing pleased with Abu Bakr’s superiority and merit, would choose no one else.

The Prophet he said, “Allah and the believers refuse to have anyone other than Abu Bakr avent.” (Muslim) In another narration, the Prophetaret e said, “And with those two who come after me, Abu Bakr and ‘Umar.” (Ahmad, Ibn Maajah, At- Tirmidhee, who ruled it to be authentic).

These words were proven to be true, for Abu Bakr i became Khaleefah after the Prophet vetem and he was then followed by ‘Umar iets. The Prophet Intimated To Us That The Muslims Would Conquer Egypt 11 Ibn Ka’ab related from his father that the Messenger of Allah dengan said, “When you conquer Egypt, then treat its inhabitants in a good manner.” (Maalik) And in another narration, “Treat its inhabitants in a good manner, for they have the right of security and they are kinsfolk (Hagar, the mother of Ismaa’eel, was from them).”

‘Amr ibn Al-Aas led the Muslim army that conquered Egypt in the year 20 H, during the caliphate of ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattaab selts. And Abu Dhar inte related that the Prophet geen said, “Indeed you will conquer a land in which Al-Qeeraat is mentioned (Al-Qeeraat is a portion of a dinar, dirham, and other currencies; the people of

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