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Captured Thoughts – Saydil Al-Khatir pdf download

Captured Thoughts: Complete Translation Of Classical Text Saydil Al-Khatir A Collection of Thought-Provoking Gems, Persuasive Eye Opening Wisdoms, Insights About Religion, Ethics And Relationship

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 Captured Thoughts Saydil Al Khatir
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Ibn Al-Jawzi
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58.5 Mb
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With the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Most Merciful

Shaikh Jamal al-Din, ‘Abdu’l-Rahman Ibn al-Jawzi said:

All praise is due to Allah until He is pleased. May His absolute eternal peace and blessings be upon the most esteemed Prophet, whom He favored [over all creation]. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all his Companions and supporters.

Our thoughts are apt to roam while exploring different things, yet thereafter such thoughts tend to be forgotten easily.

Therefore, preserving one’s thoughts should take priority over eve­rything else in order to prevent them from escaping the mind. It was reported that the Prophet (Sjig) said, “Write down the knowledge.” ((Hakim in his Mustadrak, 1/106.))

I had many thoughts that I did not record, and due to my preoc­cupation were forgotten, which makes me grieve.

Moreover, I noticed that whenever I open the eyes of contempla­tion, I sight incredible hidden nodons and thoughts that never before crossed my mind. I therefore lavish such thoughts with discernment as they are too precious to be overlooked. It is for this reason I authored this book and made it a place wrherein I place all my cap­tured thoughts.

Indeed, Allah is the Provider of all benefit; and He is ever-near (qarib) and answering (mujib).

The Hearts vary in the Susceptibility to [Religious] Exhortations

A person may hear an exhortation (mawaiz) or an influential sermon (khutba) that causes the heart (qalb) to be awakened (yaqza). However, as soon as he leaves the place of exhortation or where the sermon was delivered, the heart returns to its state of hardness (qasawa) and heedlessness (ghafla). This being the case, I contemplated the reasons behind the quick change of the heart and I was successful in finding the answer.

I came to realize that the reason for the variation of the effect of [religious] exhortations and sermons on the heart is because the state of the heart prior to hearing them is different to its state at the time of hearing and after having heard them.

There are two reasons to explain this variation in the state of the heart and mind:

  • The first of which is that the mechanism and effect of exhorta­tions and reminders are similar to the effect of whips and lashes on people; the skin feels pain only when it is whipped but pain evaporates afterward.
  • The second reason is that both the mind and the heart at the time of hearing exhortations and sermons are detached from all worldly distractions, hence the heart listens attentively. However, as soon as he returns back to his normal life, his worldly affairs absorb his time, due to which he is unlikely to remain in the same condition he was upon while hearing the sermon.

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