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Characteristics of the Hypocrites pdf download

Book Title Characteristics Of The Hypocrites
Book AuthorIbn Qayyim
Total Pages41
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Characteristics of the Hypocrites


Book contents

  • lbnQayyim 9
  • His Name 9
  • His Birth and Education 9
  • His Teachers and Shaykhs 9
  • His Manners and Worship 10
  • His Students and Works 11
  • The Statements of the Scholars about him 12
  • His Death 14
  • Sifat al-Muniifiqin 15
  • Hypocrisy is a deep rooted and all-pervading
  • spiritual disease 16
  • The characteristics of faith are not to be found in their hearts 19
  • They treat the texts of the Book and Sunnah like 20
  • Their capital is deception and scheming 20
  • Their lying 20
  • Their ignorance of Allah 21
  • The disease of desires and doubts has consumed their hearts 21
  • Spreading corruption in the land 23
  • Their making mockery·of the religion and looking down on it 24
  • Each one of them has two faces 24
  • Their belittling the religion and those who follow it 24
  • They have turned away from the Book and Sunnah, making mockery of those who follow them and looking
  • down on them 24
  • They ply their trade in oceans of darkness 25
  • The fire of faith alights for them 25
  • The hearing of their hearts is burdened by a heavy load 26
  • They thrust their fingers in their ears and draw their garments over them 26
  • Their spiritual sight is too weak to bear what the rain contains 27
  • They are a people prone to laziness and laxity 28
  • They are like a sheep that has strayed and finds itself between two flocks 29
  • They are on the lookout to see what happens to
  • Ahius-Sunnah 29
  • Silkiness and softness of their speech 30
  • What they enjoin upon their followers entails corrupting them 31
  • They are all similar, enjoining the evil 31
  • They are miserly in giving their wealth 31
  • They turn away in aversion 32
  • How can they be successful 32
  • The vileness of doubts and suspicion cling firmly to
  • their hearts 33
  • How distant they are from the reality of faith 34
  • You will find one of them taking oaths before
  • commencing his words 34
  • They think they have found a good life and they sleep comfortably in their beds 35
  • The best of men in physical appearance 36
  • They delay the Prayer 36
  • They may think they are many but in reality they are few 37
  • Allah abhors their obeying Him
  • The texts of the revelation bore down heavily on them 40 They hide their disbelief and display their faith 41
  • The descriptions of these people are numerous 44
  • The plant of hypocrisy grows from two stems 45
  • Their hearts are heedless of performing good

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