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Child psychology


The task of writing a book dealing with both the internal and the external dimensions of a child’s world is not easy.

There is, it is true, a great wealth of material an author can use, but much of it derives from two somewhat separate approaches to the study of human beings.

 The psychology of the self has a distinguished tradition going back into ancient times, and the concept of the self is now being emphasized in the branches of psychology and psychiatry most intimately concerned with man’s personal life.

In child psychology theie is also a distinguished tradition of research dealing with children’s abilities and characteristics and the structural and behavioral aspects of their development as seen from an objective point of view.

To get a complete picture it is necessary to utilize both of these lines of inquiry, but most of the available writings are based mainly on one or the other approach, not both. One result is that there are gaps in the picture, and parts can be supplied only by conjecture.

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