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Christianity and Islam


He says: It is also the duty of every Muslim, since Allah has guided him to the true religion, to strive to guide his fellow human beings out of their darkness, and to save them from inevitable destruction.

This is especially so, as Shaitan, the devil, has deceived so many people.  He makes them think that the truth is falsehood, and that falsehood is the truth. He also makes their evil actions so fair-seeming to them, that they are pleased with their actions.

In this way, he misleads them away from the clear truth. Consequently, these people do not search for any other than what they already have.

 They do not look into any other way of life, in the notion that they are satisfied with what they have and are not in need of any other.

In this book however, after seeking and depending on the help of Allah, the Almighty, I have attempted to present to the Christian reader very important facts about his religio.

In explaining aspects of Christianity, I was very keen on using references from books of the Christians themselves.

 This is in order for the Christain reader to more readily accept the statements that were made since the emanated from his own Christian scholars. No one would question the knowledge of these scholars nor their affiliation to Christianity nor thier desire to propagate it.

These facts, that are extracted from Christian sources, make it clear to the Christian reader the extent of how near he is to the truth, or how far away he is from it.

The prophets also brought a religion and laws for the benefit of mankind in his worldly life, and which would afford him success in the hereafter.

Everyone seeks what is best for himself. One therefore follows a system that will provide him and his community with a happy life in this world and success in the hereafter.

Today, we find people of varying cultures and countries exchanging information and sciences. No one objects to any system or knowledge that is beneficial to him, based on the fact that it originated with so and so.

He only objects to it, if it is not suitable to his situation, understanding or benefit.

One of the biggest downfalls of the Christians therefore, is that they erroneously claim that the Prophet Muhammad (e) was sent only to the Arabs, and if he had any benefit at all, it was limited to them only. Many of them are also too haughty to follow him, because of the fact that he was an Arab.

This undoubtedly is from the whisperings of the devil  and  from following their own whims and fancies. This is because, the prophet Muhammad (e) was a Messenger of Allah sent to both mankind and Jinn. He brought a law that fulfills the aspirations of all of mankind.

In fact, his religion is the only true religion on the face of the earth. Allah also will not and does not accept any religion except Islam.

If the Christians remove from themselves and from their eyes, the veil of prejudice, they will realize that these claims are void and meaningless. As I said before, mankind is keen on grasping anything that benefits him, no matter its source or direction. He accepts these things, as long as they grant him the benefits that he strives for and holds as important.

 If we take a look at Christ (u), we’ll find that he was messenger, sent only to the Children of Israel (the Jews).

 The westerners, Romans, Greeks and those who inherited their religion, the Americans and Europeans, have no ancestral link to Christ. In fact, he is closer in lineage to the Arabs, who are linked to the Jews through Abraham (u). Christ therefore, has no connection to

Westerners. They have only adopted his religion through ancient Rome, from which Christianity spread throughout Europe, then to the Americas.

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