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Christianity The Original And The Present Reality pdf

Book Title Christianity The Original And The Present Reality
Book AuthorMuhammad al-Saheem
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Christianity The Original and The Present Reality


Book’s Introduction

This is a very brief summary in which I intend to clarify the origin of Christianity (Nasraaniyah) and its current reality. It is principally intended for a Christian in order that he may be aware of the roots of his belief.

He will perhaps come to understand how Christianity has undergone change and substitution to the point that it has evolved into a man-made composition – this, after having once been a Divine message.

I have made it a point to bring forth, within this summary, those evidences that brought forth the truth of the matter from actual texts of the Torah (Tawrah) and the Injeel.2 This was done to illustrate, to every Christian reader, my intention to point ou the truth and to guide towards that which is correct. Thus I write, seeking Allâh’s help.

The Origin of Christianity

The origin of Christianity is like that of other Divine revelations such as the messages of Noah (Nuh), Abraham (Ibrahim) and Moses (Musa) ﻡﻼـﺴﻟﺍ ﻢﻬﻴـﻠﻋ.3 Every Divinely revealed message is unanimous in its fundamental religious creed such as: Belief in Allâh as

Singular and Alone and without any associate; Belief that He was neither born nor does He give birth,4 Belief in Angels and the Day of Judgement in the Hereafter; Belief in Divine predestination, and the good and bad of it; Belief in the Messengers and Prophets.

There is nothing in recorded history, since the time of Adam ﻡﻼﺴﻟﺍ ﻪﻴﻠﻋ up through the last of the Prophets, Muhammad ﻢﻠـﺳﻭ ﻪﻴـﻠﻋ ﷲﺍ ﻰﻠـﺻ, indicating that any known Divine revelation differs in these beliefs. Indeed, the differences found among them are connected to the

forms of worship and their various conditions or appearance. Also, those things that were forbidden or permitted differed for various reasons as legislated by Allâh to the Prophets, each of whom was ordered to explain and clarify the law to the respective peoples.

Therefore, [original] Christianity can be termed as a Divine message that calls for Belief in Allâh as Singular and without associate, and that He is neither born nor does He have offspring. It confirms that Allâh indeed sends Messengers and Prophets from among men whom He has chosen from the best of people.

This, in order that no one can have any argument before Allâh after having thus been sent a Messenger.

The question that one is obliged to ask is: Has Christianity remained in the state in which it was originally revealed by Allâh to His servant and Messenger Jesus (‘Iesa ﻡﻼﺴﻟﺍ ﻪﻴﻠﻋ)?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to bring out for our mutual benefit, the reality of Christianity today and compare it with what has been transmitted in both the Torah and

the Gospels attributed to Moses and Jesus ﻡﻼـﺴﻟﺍ ﻢﻬﻴـﻠﻋ respectively. This is in order to examine: Is the present state of Christianity in accord with the original message or does it

differ? Do the texts attributed to these Prophets support the beliefs that the current Christian nation stands upon? Does what is related in these books about the life of Jesus

ﻡﻼﺴﻟﺍ ﻪﻴـﻠﻋ correspond to the image introduced in the churches of today as to the personality and character of the Messiah? – A personality which has become mythical in its

proportions to the point that it can hardly be accepted by the mind or proven to be real.

Such beliefs are followed in the next pages.

Christ, the Messiah — Son of Allâh?

‘The belief of the Christians that the Messiah is the Son of God (Allâh).’

This is a belief that is not supported by any statement of the Messiah ﻡﻼﺴﻟﺍ ﻪﻴـﻠﻋ. In fact, we find  the  Torah  and  the  Gospels  filled  with  evidence,  to  the  contrary,  that  nullifies  this

belief. We find in the Gospel of John 19:6-8: “When the chief priests and the officers saw him, they cried out, ‘Crucify him, crucify him!’ Pilate said to them, ‘Take him yourselves and crucify him, for I find no crime in him.’ The Jews answered him, ‘We have a law, and by that law he ought to die, because he has made himself the Son of God.’”5

Matthew begins his Gospel C: 1:1, with what is said to be Jesus’s family lineage where he (Matthew) states:

“The Book of the Lineage of Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” In this lineage is an evidence of his being a flesh and blood mortal in contradiction to the claim of his being divine. It is as if you were to say to me, “It has been attributed to Jesus the description ‘Son of God,’ so he therefore claimed to be the Son of God.” I respond thus:

This description related in the Torah and the Injeel6 is given not only to other Prophets but to nations and peoples. It is not something peculiar to the Messiah. To be sure you can look for example in Exodus 4:22, Psalms 2:7, Chronicles 22:9- 10, Matthew 5:9, Luke 3:38, and John 1:12.

In all of these verses are descriptions of the aforementioned groups as “Sons of God,” nevertheless they were not elevated to the level that you have given to the Messiah ﻡﻼﺴﻟﺍ ﻪﻴﻠﻋ.

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