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Clear Proofs Of Allah
📘 Book Title Clear Proofs Of Allah
👤 Book AuthorAmjad Muhammad
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Clear Proofs of Allah, Evidence from The Holy Quraan by Amjad Muhammad


All praise and thanks are due to Allah, the One, the Almighty. the all-knowing, the All-Wise, the Most Forgiving, and the Most Merciful. There is no strength to do good or power to avoid evil except through His se grace and blessings. Whoever Allah 3 guides cannot go astray and whoever Allah #€ leaves to go astray cannot be guided.

He is sufficient for one in all my affairs in this world and the Hereafter depend entirely upon A mercy and seek His s¢ forgiveness for all my shortcomings and sins.

 May Allah’s 4¢ blessings and peace be upon His servant, Prophet Muhammad the last messenger, the seal of prophethood, a mercy for mankind, an illuminating light, merciful to the believers, and intercessor on the Day of Judgement. May Allah’s a blessing and peace be upon his noble family members, his honoured companions, and all those that follow him until the Day of Judgement.

The Holy Quraan was revealed to mankind via Prophet Muhammad in order to guide humanity to salvation in the Hereafter and judge between them in this world. It was sent to establish the truth and abolish all man-made incorrect beliefs and practices.

Contained within the Holy Quraan are “miracles” and “signs” which add proof to the authenticity of Prophet Muhommod & as a guide and as an upholder of truth. Once people accepted the Holy Quraan and Prophet Muhammad ®& by the miracles and signs they could see, they were also obliged to accept as the truth those things they couldn’t see.

The next few pages contain some of those miracles obtained from the Holy Quraan and the Ahadeeth. Although the miracles of

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