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📘 Book Title Confession Of Sins
👤 Book AuthorMuhammad Qamar Az-Zaman Sahib Allahabadi
🖨️ Total Pages415
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Confession Of Sins


Some Book Conents

  • The need to rectify our character  
  • Nuzūl is superior to ‛urūj
  • The shaykh lowers himself (nuzūl) for the sake of rectifying his tālibīn
  • Rasūlullāh’s  favour on this ummah
  • Arrogance and self-conceit are attributes of Satan
  • When can the word “I” be used  
  • It is also essential to follow the Sunnah in sulūk
  • The story of Hadrat Zayn al-‛Ābidīn rahimahullāh and Asmu‛ī rahimahullāh  Hadrat Zayn al-‛Ābidīn’s servitude and submission
  • Sayyidunā ‛Abd al-Qādir’s fear and submission
  • It is necessary to follow the life of Shaykh ‛Abd al-Qādir
  • An incident concerning Hadrat Shaykh al-Hind rahimahullāh
  • Hadrat Mu‛āwiyah’s  advice before his demise
  • The moral stories of the pious personalities
  • The story of Hadrat Dhun Nūn Misrī
  • The Prophets  acknowledged sins despite being ma‛sūm
  • The story of a fearless worshipper and a fearful sinner
  • The benefits of this story
  • Hadrat Shaykhul Hind’s explanation of the above verse
  • Maulānā Rūm’s investigation concerning this story
  • Satan’s story as related in Rūh al-Ma‛ānī
  • The boastful worshipper did not fear the
  • punishment of the Hereafter  
  • This verse causes worshippers to cry  
  • The obedient and disobedient are not equal
  • The story of Bal‛am Bā‛ūrā’  
  • The treatment for evil characteristics  
  • Two categories of sinners  
  • Humility and reliance are fundamental merits
  • Allāh’s  greatness and independence  
  • The reason for criticizing the worshipper
  • Who will inherit the land?
  • An ‛ārif is an intelligent person  
  • An important investigation
  • A lesson from our pious elders
  • The reason for acknowledging sins
  • A beneficial investigation  
  • The nafs is the cause of everything
  • The pious personalities paid particular attention to dhikr, shughl, taubah and istighfār
  • Man will have to put an end to his own views
  • The verse which instils the most hope
  • The verse which instils the most fear
  • Presence of heart when reading the Qur’ān
  • I think this verse instils the most hope
  • Noble character
  • Fear and hope

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