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Contemporary Fatawa – final pdf – w.covers pdf

Contemporary Fatawa - pdf - web.pdf
book-icon-openmaktabaBook Title: Contemporary Fatawa – final pdf – w.covers
author-icon-openmaktabaBook Author: Darul Iftaa
number-of-pages-icon-openmaktabaTotal Pages: 437
book-size-in-mbs-openmaktabaPDF Size: 4.4 Mb(s)
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used-language-icon-openmaktabaLanguage: English
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downloading-the book-icon-openmaktabaBook Download: PDF Direct Download Link
  Contemporary Fatawa – pdf – web.pdf

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Excerpts from the Book – Text format

Ummah of His Most-Beloved Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasallam). He has given you the inclination to seek an Islamicruling on your predicament rather than act on your feelings.If Allah hated you, why would He give you a brain to think?Why would he give you eyes to see? Why would He giveyou ears to hear? Why would He create millions of bloodvessels and cells in your body to nourish you? There is nolimit to His bounties. Do you have an answer for yourclaims of hate? Why would Allah give brains to someonewho would use the brains against Him? How tolerant isAllah!The bounties and favors of Allah are innumerable. Oftenwe don’t even realize the value of such blessings until theyare taken away from us. Allah says:”And if you were to count Allah’sfavors,you would not be able tonumber them; most surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. “(Surah al-Nah1.• 18)Many blessings of Allah are visible and many are invisible. llah has even appointed angels for our protection. Theyguard us from so many incidents and are only removedwhen something is decreed to befall us. Were there to be nosecurity cordon of these angels around us, we would be inserious trouble. These blessings serve to remind us the Allahloves us and how Compassionate He is towards Hiscreation.Pain and grief are part of this world and we always ask Allahfor well-being but life is not perfect nor is it paradise. Onthe same token, you cannot end your life on the21

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