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CROWN OF A BELIEVER pdf download

📘 Book Title Crown Of A Believer
👤 Book AuthorMoulana Husain Kadodia
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Crown of a believer – A detailed treatise on the status of Islamic headgear in the light of the Ahadith and the lives of the Sahabah


Islam is not merely a belief structure, but a complete code of life. Not only does it provide guidelines for every aspect of life, but it further endeavors to reconcile the inner with the outer, the mundane with the spiritual and the metaphysical with the realistic.

It is possessed of a harmonious and moderate outlook, and emphasizes that whatever is within should be reflected without— failure to do so tends to lead to either fanaticism or liberalism.

Our attitude towards the Islamic attire should be likewise understood, The Islamic headgear too is fashioned in a particular way and for a particular purpose. It represents the noble qualities of submission, humility, and discipline.

 Whatever the design, the headgear reflects Islam and one’s attitude towards Divinity.

 Indeed, the headgear is not unique to Islam. It was also prevalent in other customs, and also reflected a certain ethos. The first reference of head-dress is found in the pre-historic rock paintings which were created by hunter-gatherers some ten to thirty thousand years ago.

In the Indian rock art sites of Kumaun and Bhimbetka or in Rock art sites in Kerala one can find enormous reference of visual records that depict people wearing the headgear.

During the Byzantine civilization in the 11″ century head-dress became a regular feature which was later passed onto the European world, whereas Indian society was sporting head- dress as a regular costume by 10 000 B.C.E.

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