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📘 Book Title Darul Ulooom Deoband
👤 Book AuthorM. Burhanuddin Qasmi
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Darul Ulooom Deoband – a heroic struggle against the British Tyranny


Book’s Preface

Even though people all over the globe have begun taking interest in understanding Islam, it still remains the most misunderstood religion.

 As far as the understanding of Islam among non-Muslims is concerned, we may divide them in two broad categories.

The first category is of those who are ill-educated, have never studied the religion seriously and whatever knowledge they have acquired about Islam is either from people who themselves have no knowledge of the religion or through non- serious, cheap books and biased newspaper’s articles.

The other category is of those who have studied the religion well and understood it as well.

However, their study of Islam is with a definite purpose – in most cases to find out faults with it or to malign it.

 If we can make a third category from the above two, of those who sincerely strive to study and understand Islam and are in search of true path and true religion, people falling in this category not only accept Islam as the religion for whole humanity but in most cases, they revert to Islam.

 Lately, there has been attempt to portray Islam a religion at loggerhead with other faiths and belief. People behind this conscious attempt have divided Islam into so-called fundamentalist’ and ’Sufi’ Islam.

Sufi Islam, in their view, is the religion to be appreciated where as fundamentalist Islam is to be condemned and challenged.

But any serious researcher of the religion would find that Islam is the name of peaceful submission to the Almighty Allah, the Creator of the Universe, and preaches peace.

 Its basic motto is to make a man live at peace with himself and let other live in peace.

Islam exhorts its followers to purify themselves and the society they live in from all sorts of social evils because if not done, it would disturb the peace of mind of all its inhabitants.

Islam also teaches not to subjugate the free will of the people and it exhorts its followers not to submit to oppressive and evil forces.

And it was this teaching of Islam that inspired Ulama of India to wage relentless war against the British rule.

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