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Disturber of the Hearts pdf download

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 Disturber Of The Hearts
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Ibn Al-Jawzi
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Disturber of the Hearts – Book Sample

Introduction – Disturber of the Hearts

ALL PRAISE IS DUE TO Allah Who made warnings precede the punishment and taught exegete the modality of discipline and courtesy. May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon the most esteemed leader and must honorable teacher, Muhammad (􀁨) who was sent to the near and far, and upon his companions and followers.

I have noticed that storytelling preachers have abandoned re­counting appropriate and suitable stories and reports that intimi­date people [in order to ward them off wrongdoings] and encour­age them [i.e. to perform good deeds]. Rather, they opt for made up stories; therefore, most of their quoted narrations are fabri­cated, and if the narration happens to be authentic they would add fabrications to it.

They only care for maintaining the elegance of their gathering by all means, [while neglecting the actual purpose of such gatherings] and hence, what usually happens is: the audi­ence leaves these gatherings neither being warned against a wrong­doing nor having their hearts humbled and softened. [In best the best-case scenario], the storytelling preacher mention to his audi­ence that the Mercy of Allah is all-encompassing without remind­ing them, as well, that the Punishment of Allah is severe.

It is known that preachers are specialists in treating the illness of sins and experts in mending the moods of hearts. Therefore, if they find a person falling into despair, they instigate hope in his heart, and if they find a person in a reckless and fearless state, they provoke the fear of Allah in his heart. This how they treat sickness by using its opposite as a cure.

I came to the realization that over-indulging in hope, lacking the fear of Allah and drowning in wishful thinking are diseases, (which have become a widespread epidemic] infecting people’s hearts. Therefore, curing these diseases cannot be with except the medicine of intimidation and deterrence. Because when the heart is static and suffers this dreamy state, treating it with doses of serenity would be like treating a person who suffers hypothermia with a medication that would lower his body temperature.

There­fore, I have collected herein intimidating narrations, warnings against wrongdoings, narratives portraying the punishment and stories that bring discontent to hearts in order to facilitate: the assured to become anxious; the hardened (hearts] to become sof­tened; the dried [tear ducts] to become flowing; and the lazy to become motivated.

And with Allah lies all the success.

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