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Eating Etiquettes for Children pdf download

Book Title Eating Etiquettes For Children
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Eating Etiquettes for Children



The most effective time to address eating etiquette is probably during eating.

However, it is good to review the etiquettes of eating on a regular basis at other times.

This “guide” is a resource, bi-ithnillah that can be used to teach children the proper etiquette of eating, according to the Sunnah and Quran.

It contains ahadith and ayaat to support the material presented, insha Allah.

In addition, some manners listed are not necessarily from the Quraan and Sunnah, but constitute “good manners” in many cultures, so I have included them as well. These manners are identifiable as they have no proof to accompany them.

Finally, I added in little bits and facts and simple activities to make this guide a little more engaging, insha Allah.

Books Contents

Remembrance of Allah

  • Saying Bismillah Before Eating
    • What happens when you forget to say Bismillah before eating
    • What to say when you forget to say Bismillah before eating
    • What to say when drinking milk
    • What to say after you eat

Manners of Eating

  1. Eating from what is closest to you
  2. Eating with your right hand
  3. Eating with your fingers
  4. Circulating water or milk in an assembly
  5. Chewing with your mouth closed
  6. Do not talk and eat
  7. Burping or sneezing while at the eating area
  8. Chewing your food well
  9. Don’t stuff your mouth
  10. Don’t slurp beverages or soup
  11. Rinse your mouth after drinking milk
  12. Do not overeat
  13. Do not criticize your food
  14. If the iqamah is called and your food is served

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