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Exposing Shaytan tricks and deception pdf

Book Title Exposing Shaytan Tricks And Deception
Book AuthorShawana Aziz
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Exposing shaytan tricks and deception


Book foreword

“Surely, Shaytan is an enemy to you, so take (treat) him as an enemy.” [Soorah al-Fatir (35): 6] 

It is due to the seriousness of Shaytan’s fitnah (temptation, tribulation, trial) that Allah has distinctly exposed his goals and plots in the Qur’aan.

 The Prophet repeatedly warned against Shaytan’s power to tempt mankind into disobeying Allah.

He would relentlessly reveal Shaytan’s trickery and deceit and inform about ways of defense againstthe accursed. So, what are the deceptions, tricks and strategies of Shaytan?

How does Shaytan enter the human soul and drive it towards sin and transgression?

 How does he corrupt people’s hearts and souls by making false promises and arousing high hopes?

 Does Shaytan posses the power to force us into committing sins? To what extent will Shaytan succeed in achieving his goal? Canwe defeat Shaytan? 

This booklet will Insha’Allah, comprehensively answer these baffling questions and dispel many doubts on the subject like why Allah created Shaytan and why Shaytan was granted his request to remain alive until the Day of Judgement.

This booklet will also elaborate upon Aqeedah points that are learnt from the disgraceful story of Shaytan’s failure and from the grievous stories of those who fell into his traps from the nations past. 

The last part of this booklet focuses on the means prescribed in the Qur’aan and the Sunnah to dispel Shaytan and protect ourselves and ourhomes from him.

A number of original Arabic works were referred to in the compilation of this booklet, most importantly; Shaytan: Khutuwatihi wa-Gayatihi by Wail Umar Ali Basheer, Adawatush Shaytan lil-Insan, Alam al-Jinn, Tafseer al-Kabeer by Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah al-Rajhi, Aqeedah at-Tawheed by Shaikh Salih al Fawzan, Tafseer Ibn Katheer and others. 

I hope this booklet will serve as a handy weapon in combating Shaytan and all success lies with Allah. Shawana A. Aziz


Literally, Shaytan means, ‘rebellious’, and it describes anyone who is disrespectful and seeks to divert people away from the obedience of Allah, whether he be from the Jinn or humans.

Qatadah commented on Allah’s statement, “Shayateen (pl. of Shaytan) among mankind and Jinn…” “There are Shayateen among the Jinn and Shayateen among mankind, who inspire each other.” [See, Tafseer Ibn Katheer for the verse, (6): 112]

In general, this term refers to Iblees, who is from the Jinn and created from fire. Jinn are a creation of Allah, and are subject to His Commands and Prohibitions and like humans they will be held accountable for their deeds onthe Day of Judgment. 

In the beginning, Iblees used to worship Allah alongside Angels. In His Glorious Book, Allah, the Exalted, has informed us – the children of Adam, about the enmity between Shaytan and mankindthathas continued since theday Adam was created.

After having breathed soul into Adam, Allah commanded the Angels to prostrate before Adam as a sign of honor.

Although Iblees was not an angel, he was included in the command to prostrate because he was striving to imitate the Angels in their behavior and deeds. However, Iblees thought too highly of himself and was arrogant.

 Ibn Abbas said, “Before he undertook the path of sin, Iblees was with the Angels and was called Azazil. He was among the residents of the earth and was one of the most active worshipers and knowledgeable persons amidst the Angels. This fact caused him to be arrogant…”  [See, Tafseer Ibn Katheer for (2): 34] 

So Iblees refused to prostrate before Adam and said, “I am better than him [Adam], You created me from fire, and him You created from clay.” [Soorah al-A’raf (7): 12] This rebelliousness caused him to be expelled from the heavens and to be cursed by Allah.

Thereupon, Iblees avowed to lead mankind astray and, ever since, he seeks to take each one of us into Hellfire with him. He is thus, mankind’s greatest enemy. 

Imam Ibnill-Qayyim brings together some of the great wisdom behind the creation of Shaytanin his book, Shifaa al-Ghaleel, p.322, he writes, “In the creation of Iblees and his cohorts, there is wisdom, the details of which cannot be encompassed by anyone except Allah.” A few of many reason she mentioned are briefly stated below;

a) The slaves of Allah perfect their servitude to Allah by

struggling against Shaytan and thus reaching lofty ranks of piety that could not have been achieved without Shaytan’s existence. 

b) The slaves of Allah increase in their Taqwa 

(i.e., fearing the consequences of belittling the Commandments and Prohibitions of Allah) after having witnessed Shaytan’s fall from being amidst the Angels to beingShaytan- the rejected

c) A lesson.

The fathers of both humankind and jinn were tested.
One father – Iblees was too proud and refused to follow Allah’s Commands. He was made to face humiliation and disgrace and expelled from Paradise anddoomed to be amongstthepeople of Hell.

He thus, became a lesson for those who show arrogance and persist in their sins. Conversely, the other father, Adam became an example for those who repent and return back to Allah after having committed sins. 

d) Shaytan is a trial and test for Allah’s slaves 

e) Manifestation of Allah’s complete Ability and Authority to create opposites such as; heavens and earth, light and darkness,

Paradise and Hell, water and fire, heat and cold, good and evil, Jibreel andAngels as opposedto Iblees and the Shayateen. 

f) The goodness of a thing can only be demonstrated by means of its opposite.

It if were not for the ugly, we would not appreciate the virtue of beauty; if it were not for poverty, we would not value wealth.

g) Allah’s Forbearance and Patience. 

Allah loves to manifest His Forbearance, Patience and Deliberation (lack of haste), immense Mercy and Generosity. This necessitates that He should create those who will anger Him. Allah’s Messenger informed us, “If you did not err, Allah would cause you to vanish and would bring people who would err and then seek His forgiveness, so that He could forgive them.” [SaheehMuslim] 

Yet, despite their transgressions, Allah bestows upon them all kinds of blessings; He sends provision, gives good health and allows them to enjoy all kinds of luxuries. He answers their prayers and removes harm from them.

He treats them with kindness and care, unlike the manner in which they treat him. According to a hasan report, Allah says, “O son of Adam, you have not been fair to Me.

My goodness comes down to you, and your evil deeds ascend to Me. I try to win your love by sending you blessings when I have no need of you and how you try to earn My hatred by disobeying Me, while you are in great need of Me, and the noble angels are continuously bringing your evil actions to Me.”

And when the slave returns back to Allah and seeks his forgiveness Allah accepts their repentance and thus the slaves witness HisAttribute of Mercy andForgiveness.

h) Things beloved to Allah occur due to the existence of Shaytan.

Although evil and sins that occur due to the existence of Shaytan and his cohorts Anger Allah; the acts of obedience that result are dearer to Allah and more pleasing to Him; such as the believer’s going against his desires that are insinuated by Shaytan, and the believer’s patience upon the hardships that Shaytan creates in the path of those who seekto earn Allah’s love and pleasure.

Similarly, although sins and disobedience that are caused by Iblees anger Allah, “Allah is more pleased with the repentance of a servant as he turns to Him in repentance than the one amongst you, who is upon the camel in a waterless desert and there is upon (that camel) his provision of food and drink, then it is lost by him.

 Having lost all hope (to get it back), he lies down in the shade and is disappointed about his camel and thenhe finds that camel standing before him.

He takes hold of its nose string and then out of boundless joy says, “O Lord, You are my servant and I am Your Lord.” He commits this mistake out of extreme delight.” [SaheehMuslim (6618)] 

Kibr (pride/arrogance) and Kufr (disbelief) are ‘ ,’ i.e., the Mutalaziman former necessarily leads to the latter. Such was the case of Shaytan, “And (remember) when We said to the Angels, ‘Prostrate yourselves before Adam.’ And they prostrated except Iblees, he refused and was proud disbelievers and was one of the (Kuffar).” [Soorah al-Baqarah (2): 34]

The Prophet described Kibr saying, “Kibr is dissatisfaction With the truth, and belittling thepeople.” [SaheehMuslim] Iblees openly expressed his Kibr (pride) when he did not contend himself with obeying the Command of Allah. He showed dissatisfaction with His Wisdom and belittled Adam .

Allah questioned Iblees, “What prevented you that you did not prostrate, when I commanded you?” Iblees said, “I am better than him (Adam), Youcreatedme from fire, and him Youcreated from clay.” [(7): 12] So, Allah dismissed Iblees, He said, “(O Iblees) get down from this (Paradise),” and He,theMost High, cited the reason for dispelling him from Paradise, He said, “Itisnotfor youtobe here.”

Imam Ibnul-Qayyim said while explaining the categories of Kufr, “The major Kufr is of five kinds*, Kufr of denial, Kufr of

* Learn more about the components of Eeman and categories of Kufr in our booklet, “Eeman and its Components, and the misguidance of the Khawarij and the Murjiyah on the issue.” 

arrogance and pride, Kufr of aversion, Kufr of doubt, and Kufr of hypocrisy…

The Kufr of arrogance and pride was the Kufr of Shaytan because he did not deny the Command of Allah, or reject it but he met it with pride and arrogance.

From this (type of Kufr) was the Kufr of those who knew and believed that Allah’s Messenger had come with the truth from Allah but did not acknowledge it out of pride and arrogance. …It was the Kufr of the Jews**, “then when there came to them that which they had recognized, they disbelieved in it.”[Madaarijus-Salikeen, 1/364- 367]

So, the reason behind the expulsion of Iblees from Paradise was pride. A proud person considers himself self-sufficient and in no need of Allah, the Exalted.

Each additional thing that one becomes proud of, builds his ego which is detestable to Allah, Who says in a Qudsi Hadeeth, “Pride is My Cloak, and Glory is My wrap, so he who competes Me in either ofthese, I will cast him into the Fire.” [Musnad Ahmad and Abu Dawood] 

Every actionhas a time and a place inwhichit occurs and we neither posses the time nor the place. None possesses the power to maintain his life even for a moment! So how can any man or any creation take pride in anything? Verily, Allah Alone is, “the Irresistible,theProud…” [Soorah Hashr (59): 23] 

So, pride, which is in fact self-praise, is forbidden for the servants of Allah.

The Messenger of Allah said, “Indeed, Allah revealed to me, humble yourselves until none is proud over another and none is oppressive over another.” [SaheehMuslim]

**‘The Jews used to invoke Allah to send Prophet Muhammad so that they would gain victory over the Arab disbelievers.

But when Allah sent Muhammad and they saw that he was not one of them, they rejected him and envied the Arabs, even though they knew that he was the Messenger of Allah.

Hence, Allah said, ‘Then when there came to them that which they had recognized, they disbelieved in it. So let the curse of Allahbe onthe disbelievers.’[Tafseer Ibn Katheer for (2):89] 

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