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📘 Book Title Fatima The Lady Of The Light
👤 Book AuthorMohammad Ali Al-Haj Salmin
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🌐 LanguageEnglish
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Fatima the Lady of the Light by Salmin, Mohammad Ali


A detailed account of the life of the most esteemed daughter of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah).

This book is the first and foremost on the subject in the English literature.

The sources from which this book is compiled, are the most authoritative historical books.

 Some references have also been taken from the Holy Quran and the sayings of the Holy Prophet.

A short bibliography is also given at the end of this book.

Fatimah: The Lady of the Light,’” is, alas, too little known to the peoples of the Western Continents, and in placing before us for the first time a book in the world’s universal language English, he has won distinction in presenting a character unique in history to all who value a blameless and pure life.

 It is no easy task to chronicle the life of the daughter of the Last of the Prophets of Humanity.

Today the women of the world seek inspiration, and this can be found in the wonderful life of Fatimah.

We see her as daughter, as wife, as mother, and the more we read the greater our admiration.

Asia is a wonderful Continent, and has given much towards the advancement of the world, but, alas, her personalities are rarely known, except to scholars.

 I feel confident that much bitterness could be avoided, much misunderstanding removed, if only the West could read and understand the greatness of those in Asia who helped to build up our modern civilization, and who thus contributed their share to the intellectual advancement of humanity.

 It is my fervent hope that one day the West may acknowledge fully the debt it owes to Asia, and that Asia and Europe will join hands in one great fraternity.

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