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Fifteen Letters (Khamsata ‘Ashara Maktuban) pdf download

Fifteen Letters (Khamsata 'Ashara Maktuban)
Book Title Fifteen Letters Khamsata Ashara Maktuban
Book AuthorAbdul Qadir Jilani
Total Pages73
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Fifteen Letters (Khamsata ‘Ashara Maktuban) by Shaykh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani


Some book Contents

Concerning the initial stage of attraction exerted by the Truth and the final stage thereof 7

Concerning the significance of dedicated striving and spiritual training, and the fruits thereof 9

Concerning fear and hope, and the fruits thereof 12 Concerning the urgent need to banish heedlessness, and turn in repentance from sinful acts of disobedience 16

Concerning the significance of the immediate presence of Allah, and the fact that His knowledge embraces all things 18

Concerning (1) the significance of the all-compelling nature of the attraction exerted by the Lord of Truth, (2) compliance therewith on the part of the rebellious forces of self-will, and (3) the occurrence of the resurrection of the spiritual travelerin this world 20

Concerning pious abstinence and the fruits thereof 23

Concerning intimate friendship and the fruits thereof 26

Concerning the incentive to seek the companionship of the righteous and the fruits thereof, and to practice abstinence from this world 28

Concerning the need to shed tears, to acknowledge one’s incapacity, to offer humble entreaty, and to seek refuge with Him (Exalted is He!) 32

Concerning the affirmation of Oneness and the fruits thereof 34

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