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Guidance to The Uncertain In Reply to the Jews and Nazareths pdf

Book Title Guidance To The Uncertain In Reply To The Jews And Nazareths Pdf
Book AuthorIbn Qayyim
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Guidance to The Uncertain in Reply to the Jews and Nazareths



He commanded and appraised, and named its followers and what the wombs bear by it. God the Most High said: 

There is no god but He: that is the witness of God, His angels, and those endued with knowledge, standing firm on justice.

 There is no god but He, The Exalted in power The Wise. The Religion before God is Islam (submission to His Will): nor did the people of the Book dissent therefrom except through envy of each other, after knowledge had come to them, but if any denies the signs of God, God is swift in calling to account? (al-Imran: 18-19) 

He made its followers witnesses before all people on Judgement Day, and that is by what He bestowed on them of correctness in their sayings, deeds, guidance, intentions, and belief. Who are worthier than they for this testimonial task in this erstwhile account! 

It is He who created for you (the faculties of) hearing, sight, feeling and understanding: little thanks it is ye give! (al Mu’emenoon: 78) 

Who can be better in religion than one who submits his whole self to God, does good, and follows the religion of Abraham the true in faith? for God did take Abraham for a friend. (al-Nisa’a: 125) 

The How could not a person with a minimal reasoning ability he can rely on distinguish between a religion whose foundations are set universal and whose structure is raised on the worship of the Most Gracious:

-that is doing sincerely what He likes, and approves His commandments both secretly and openly, treating His creation following His ordainment of justice and benevolence with his choice in obeying Him instead of surrendering to the Devil and a religion whose structure is founded on the precipe of shaky mud on the verge of collapsing and dragging with it its owner in the fire!.

It leads to fire because it is founded on the worship of fire, on enjoining partners between the Most Gracious and Satan, between Him and idols. 

Or a religion whose structure is founded on the worship of crosses and pictures on the ceilings and walls, proclaiming that the Lord descended from the chair of His Glory and became attached to the inside of a woman’s womb, and dwelled in there for a period of time amidst the location where the sexual organs join.

Then He came out as suckling, growing up gradually, crying, eating, drinking, urinating, sleeping, and playing with other children.

Then He was enrolled in maktab (Scripture school) among Jewish children learning what a man should learn; thereto, His foreskin was cut off during circumcision. Then He allowed the Jews to expel and chase Him from one place to another.

Then they arrested Him and inflicted upon Him all sorts of humiliation and disgrace: they tied around His head one of the most gruesome wreathes of thorns, and made him ride on a cane neither a bridle to it nor a saddle.

Then they led Him to the wooden cross, face spat on, surrounded by them from all directions. Then they crucified Him on that vehicle of torture that makes the hearts jump and the bodies shudder from looking at it.

Then His hands and legs were rope-tightened, and hammered by those nails that break the bones and tear out the muscles while He was imploring: «O you people, have mercy on me! «, and none of them would respond to His agonizing pleas.

And yet He is the ruler of the world above and the world below, to whom everything in heavens and on earth addresses his pleas everyday.

Guidance to The Uncertain In Reply to the Jews and Nazareths

And then He is in control of all matters!

Then He died and was buried deep in the belly of the earth under the heavy muteness of solid rocks and slates of flint stones.

Then He rose from the grave and ascended to His Throne, and yet He is the one who created all the worlds after all what befell Him!? 

How could one account for branches ramifying from crooked roots and upon of which a structure is built!?

 Or how could one account for a religion whose structure is founded on the worship of hand-chiseled god made to the likeness of some ideas taken from all sorts of species on earth, different in kinds, classes, and colours, carved accordingly and then submitting to Him, pleading, prostrating, chins touching the floor!?

 He who follows the religion of such a god is not a believer in the True God, His Angels, His Books, and His Messengers.

 He is not a believer in having an audience before Him on the Day where the wrongdoers are judged to the measure of their mischief, and the welldoers are rewarded generously. Or compare the religion of the people who angered God (Jews) who fleeced themselves away from the acceptance of God like a snake shedding its skin.

They brought upon themselves resentment, shame, and humiliation. They disregarded the tenets of the Torah and cast them off behind their backs.

By what they sold them for, they bought what is worth of a petty price. Fortune abandoned them, deseat befriended them, for they chose loyalty to the Shaytan (Satan) over the loyalty to God, His angels, messengers, prophets, and followers. 

Or compare a religion whose structure is founded on the belief that the Lord of the Worlds is an abstract concept existing only in the imaginations of the mind and not in actual existence of reality, neither inside the world nor outside it, neither connected to it nor disconnected from it, neither parallel nor similar to it.

He does not hear, see, or know anything about anything, and things in existence do not run according to His Will or run to please Him.

 He is lifeless, powerless, has no will or choice, and that He did not create the heaven and the earth in six days nor did the heavens and the earth take shape on the model of His existence, He did not create them from nothing.

He has no power to demolish them to naught, and He did not send down a book upon any human being, nor did He send a messenger to any people.

 He did not legislate a law for us to follow, nor did He send a messenger to any people, nor did He send a messenger to lead us.

There is no life after death, no Day of Judgement, no Hell, and no Paradise; all butitis nine orbits, ten minds, four positions of rotating orbits, moving stars, wombs giving birth, and earth swallowing them: 

And they say: 

what is there is but our life in this world? we shall die and we live and nothing but time can destroy us. But of that they have no knowledge: they merely conjecture » (al-Jatheya: 24) 

I testify that there is no god but the one God. There is no partner to Him, no peer, no rival, no female associate, has begotten no son, has no equal: sublime He is above the distorted fabrications of the abrogators and the misgivings of the falsifiers.

He above the unbelief of those who enjoin partners with God (polytheists) and the fallacies of the atheists.

Those who equate other gods with Him have lied and wandered in their misjudgment far beyond measure. They have manifestly missed the point to a great extent. And I testify 

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