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Hindu Temples: What Happened To Them.pdf download

📘 Book TitleHindu Temples What Happened To Them
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Hindu Temples: What Happened To Them (2 Volume Set) by Sita Ram Goel

About the Book

The book restricts itself mainly to the study of Hindu temples destroyed and desecrated and converted into mosques and khanqahs without overlooking Muslim’s ideology of iconoclasm; here and there, it also mentions other theological props and concomitants of the iconoclastic ideology.

In the book Ayodhya retains its importance, but it does not occupy the centre of discussion. In dealing with its subject, it exercises complete fidelity to truth; unlike secularist and Marxist writers, it does not believe in re-writing and fabricating history…

Table of Contents:-

Volume I: A Preliminary Survey

            1. Hideaway Communalism

            2. The Tip of an Iceber

            3. Some Historical Questions

            4. In the Name of Religion

            5. A Need to Face the Truth

            6. Historians Versus Histor

            7. November 9 Will Change History

            8. From Shilanyas to Berlin Wall

            9. Rama-Janmabhumi Temple Muslim Testimony

            10. Let the Mute Witnesses Speak

Volume II: The Islamic Evidence

            1. The Dispute at Sidhpur

            2. The Story of Rudramahãlaya

            3. Muslim Response to Hindu Protection

            4. The Marxist Historians

            5. Spreading the Big Li

            6. The Epigraphic Evidence

            7. The Literary Evidence

            8. Summing Up

            9. Theology of Monotheism

            10. The Pre-Islamic Arabs

            11. Religion of Pagan Arabia

            12. Monotheism Spreads to Arabia

            13. Meaning of Monotheism

            14. The Bible Appears in Arabic

            15. Muhammad and the Meccans

            16. The Prophet Destroys Pagan Temples

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