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Book Title His Throne Was On Water
Book AuthorAdel M. Abbas
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His Throne Was on Water


Book’s foreword

Although the Qur’an is not a book of science, scientific words, sentences, and sometimes even paragraphs are found throughout its text and call out for understanding or explanation.

I have always been fascinated by such instances and hoped that one day I would be able to unravel their mystery.

My attempt to do so started about fourteen years ago when I began to study modern sciences and build my medical experience.

I soon concluded that any attempt to gather the scientific facts mentioned in the Qur’an, relate them to each other, and then work out possible scientific meanings would require more than just the use of a computer.

The Qur’an is a large text-6,243 verses contained in 114 surahs (chapters).

This book deals with only 284 verses (4.5 percent). Many verses with scientific implications are not mentioned here, for modern science has not yet advanced to the stage where it can explain them.

Social sciences dealing with such spheres as marriage, divorce, inheritance, contracts, witness­ es, testimonials, civil and criminal law, morality, human relations, and taxation are also beyond the scope of this book.

The book’s title is taken from the verse “His throne was on water,” a verse whose splendor and scientific implication invite further reflection.

The recent discovery by quantum mechanic researchers that outer space is full of virtual particles and antiparticles that materialize constantly in pairs may shed some light on this verse.

This, together with the creation of the universe and the refashioning of the skies into concentric oval or ball­ shaped layers, is illustrated on the cover.

 Such mysteries as space-time, humanity, the expanding universe, and the various stages of creation are addressed in the following pages.

The reader will find the chapter on Earth’s creation very interesting.

The author explains how God created Earth in layers, one of which (the lithosphere) carries the continents, remains in continuous motion, and floats on molten rock (the theory of plate tectonics);

how God created “pegs” in the form of mountain ranges to prevent the plates’ subduction zones from allowing the continents to disappear into the earth;

how He created Earth in stages in order to stabilize it; and how He is going to dis­ mantle it in reverse order at the end of the world.

Many scientific facts are discussed, such as why seas do not flow into rivers, how atomic fractions are labeled and identified, and how supersonic waves are used for constructive purposes.

In addition, the creation of animals and humanity, the Qur’an’s extremely accurate account of a human embryo’s developmental stages, an individual’s “imaging,” and other issues dealing with the spirit, vital organs, expectancy, and fingerprints are discussed. The importance of animals to God as well as to humanity is also analyzed.

The scientific information presented in this book is directed to the ordinary reader. Therefore, I have left it to other authors to write in greater scientific detail on the aspects mentioned in this text.

Book’s preface

God created Earth. He spread it out and made it of different structures and colors. Some of it is rocky, some is muddy, and some is sandy.

 He made different specifications, capable of different purpose.

For example, certain environments are best suited for certain crops.

He caused fresh­ water rivers to run through them and caused rainwater to fall on them so that plants and crops could be grown and thereby provide food for human beings, animals, and birds. He made it into layers upon layers, each of which has special characteristics from which we can extract metals and oil.

 He surrounded dry land with bodies of salty water, but whenever fresh-water rivers flow into them, the two types of water do not mix, for this would spoil their benefits for humanity.

Earth rotates very fast, yet there is no disturbance or imbalance caused to either the land or the oceans.

He created the sun, which revolves at a rapid speed in its own orbit, and caused it to send its light and heat to Earth.

From Earth’s revolution come the four seasons and the accompanying climactic changes for every region. Some are hot, others are cold, and all have a function to perform vis-a-vis humanity, animals, and birds.

He made the heat of the sun in such a way that it increases gradually during the day.

He caused the moon and the stars to appear at night and endowed all of them with a specific task to perform in relation to Earth.

The night and the day vary, for it is long in some places and short in others.

He made the rain descend from the clouds and made it possible for human beings, animals, and birds to drink from it and for crops to use it to produce the food on which the plan­ et’s inhabitants depend. He surrounded Earth with the skies and created different worlds, worlds that He has mentioned but which the human mind cannot reach.

In His heavenly books, He revealed to humanity some of what sur­ rounds it so that individuals can look and think in these worlds, all of which reveal the presence of a Creator, the Director of the universe. He created it, organized it meticulously, and has full knowledge of all its atoms and minute details.

No human being can comprehend or acquire this knowledge of its details and particulars.

 If they could understand only a little of what He has created, they would return to Him, worship Him, and realize that He is the Strong Creator, the Supreme One that sur­ rounds everything with His knowledge.

This is why He invited His sub­ jects to look and speculate on the universe and thereby increase their belief.

In this book, we shall uncover some of these scientific matters that God has mentioned in His holy books. Professor Abd al Rahman al Kordy Former Vice Rector, Al Azhar University Cairo, Egypt

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