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Book Title History Of The Arabs
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History Of The Arabs Ed. 3rd by Hitti, Philip K.


Of all the lands comparable to Arabia in size, and of all the claims peoples approaching the Arabs in historical interest and importance, no country and no nationality has received so little consideration and study in modern times as have Arabia and the Arabs.

Here is a country that is about one-fourth the area of Europe, one-third the size of the United States of America, yet what is known about it is out of all proportion to what is unknown.

We are beginning to know more, comparatively speaking, about the Arctic and Antarctic regions than we do about most of Arabia.

As the probable cradle of the Semitic family the Arabian peninsula nursed those peoples who later migrated into the Fertile Crescent and subsequently became the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Phoenicians and the Hebrews of history.

As the plausible fount of pure Semitism, the sandy soil of the peninsula is the place wherein the rudimentary elements of Judaism, and consequently of Christianity — together with the origin of those traits which later developed into the well-delineated Semitic character should be sought for

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