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In Synchrony With the Heavens pdf

book-icon-openmaktabaBook Title: In Synchrony With the Heavens
author-icon-openmaktabaBook Author: David A. King
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  David A. King-In Synchrony With the Heavens_ Studies in Astronomical Timekeeping and Instrumentation in Medieval Islamic Civilization (Studies I-Ix) (Islamic Philosophy, Theology, and Science) Volume .pdf

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Excerpts from the Book – Text format

MAIN BIBLIOGRAPHY AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ABBREVIATIONSNotes: The reader will find here the main modern sources for the history of Islamic astronomyand astronomical instrumentation, including conference proceedings and exhibition catalogues.Some additional sources on instruments will be included in Vol. 2. Many studies have beenreprinted in various collected volumes, notably those published by Variorum; those individualstudies related to astronomical timekeeping and related aspects of mathematical astronomywhich are particularly relevant to this study are also listed here. The abbreviations introducedbelow are used throughout this book. Further bibliographical lists are given in VIII (comparisonof aspects of Islamic and medieval European science) and X (in-strumentation), and the workscited there are listed below without abbreviated titles. Earlier publications reprinted in thisvolume are indicated by diamonds. Detailed references to other works cited which are notdirectly related to our main subject are presented ad loc. aboe Festschrift: From Ancient Omens to Statistical Mechanics: Essays on the Exact Sciences Presented toAsger Aaboe, J. Lennart Berggren and Bernard R. Goldstein, eds., Acta Historica Scientiarum Naturaliumet Medicinalium (Copenhagen), 39 (1987).Ackermann, Instruments of Humphrey Cole”: Silke Ackermann, Scientific Instruments”, in eadem, ed. ,Humphrey Cole, pp. 29-95.London BM Quadrans vetus”: see EPACT.Sloane Astrolabe”: see EPACT. marbeitung eines Astrolabs”: eadem, Mutabor: Die Umarbeitung eines mittelalterlichen Astrolabs im17. Jahrhundert”, in Frankfurt IGN Festband, pp. 193-209.Zinner Archive”: eadem, Dormant Treasures — The Zinner-Archive at Frankfurt University”, NunciusAnnali di Storia della Scienza (Florence) 16:2 (2001), pp. 711-722.ed. , Humphrey Cole: eadem, ed. , Humphrey Cole: Mint, Measurement and Maps in Elizabethan England,(British Museum, Occasional Paper, no. 126), London: The British Museum, 1998. Cherry, Three Medieval English Quadrants”: eadem and John Cherry, Richard II, John Holland andThree Medieval Quadrants”, AS 56 (1999), pp. 3-23.Adlvar, Adnan, La science chez les Turcs Ottomans, Paris: G. P. Maisonneuve, 1939.AHES: Archive for History of Exact Sciences.أ„ghأ¤ Buzurg, al-DhariCa: أ„ghأ¤ Buzurg Muhammad Muhsin al-Tihrأ¤ni, al-DhariCa ilأ¤ tasأ¤nifal-ShiCa, 25 vols.,Najaf, later Tehran, 1965-1978.Ahlwardt: see Berlin Catalogue. IHS: Archives Internationales d ‘Histoire des Sciences.AIOS: Arabische Instrumente in orientalistischen Studien, Fuat Sezgin et al, eds., 6 vols., Frankfurt am Main:Institut fأ¼r Geschichte der Arabisch-lslamischen Wissenschaften, 1990-91, repr. as Islamic Astronomy andMathematics, vols. 85-90 (1998), with 6 further volumes ibid. , vols. 91-96 (1998). [Reprints of studies fromthe 19th and early 20th century: a monumental total of over 5,000 pages. Aleppo 1976 Symposium Proceedings: Proceedings of the First International Symposium for the History ofArabic Science, Ahmad Y. al-Hassan et al., eds., 2 vols., Aleppo: Institute for the History of Arabic Science,1978. Contains:• D. A. King Astronomical Timekeeping in Fourteenth-Century Syria”, in II, pp. 75-84, repr. in idem, Studies, A-X.• Fritz W. Zimmermann, The Dustأ¼r al-Munajjimin of MS Paris, BN ar. no. 5968″, in II, pp. 184-192.Algiers BN Catalogue: E. Fagnan, Catalogue gأ©nأ©ral des manuscrits de la Bibliothأ©que Nationale d’Algأ©riefirst published Paris, 1893, 2nd edn., Algiers: Bibliothأ©que Nationale d’Algأ©rie, 1995.Ali: see al-Birأ¼ni,أ„mili, A cyأ¤n al-ShiCa: Muhsin al-Amin al-Husayni al-CAmili, ACyأ¤n al-ShiCa, 56 vols., Damascus: MabacatIbn Zaydأ¼n, 1935-1962.

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