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Inheritance In Islam pdf download

Book Title Inheritance In Islam
Book AuthorMuhammad Abdul-Rauf
Total Pages157
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Inheritance In Islam By Muhammad Abdul Rauf

Inheritance In Islam

In this short, concise account of the Islamic rules of inheritance, Dr. Abdul-Rauf provides a learned discussion of which relatives are eligible to inherit a share of the estate, which claims have priority over others, how to deal with specific special cases, and plentiful examples of how to calculate the correct shares

Book contents

  • Introduction 1 
  • Post-Death Legitimate Claims 9 
  • The Legitimate Heirs 1 1 
  • Ties Prompting the Right of Inheritance 13 
  • Factors Which Deprive a Person from Inheriting 14 
  • Al Hajb (Blocking) 16 
  • Distributing the Tarikah to the Heirs 20 
  • A Summary of Heirs with Fixed Shares 25 
  • Al ‘Asabah (Heirs with no fixed shares) 29 
  • Notes 32 
  • Al Hajariyyah (The case of the stone) 41 
  • The Father’s Father and the Father: A Comparison 42 
  • Summary 43 
  • Al-Jadd and Al-Ikhwah 
  • The Grandfather and the Siblings 44 
  • Notes 55 
  • Al-Akdariyyah 60 
  • ‘Ashariyyat Zayd 63 
  • ‘Ishriniyyat Zayd 63 
  • Mukhtasarat Zayd 64 
  • Tis’iniyyat Zayd 65 
  • Al Hisab (Calculation) 65 
  • Al ‘Awl (Inflation) 73 
  • Totals That Cannot Be Inflated 81 
  • Al Munasakhat (Dynamic Calculations) 88 
  • Al-Khuntha Al-Mushkil (Hermaphrodites) 96 
  • Al-Mafqiid (The missing agent in inheritance) 100 
  • Inheritance and Pregnancy 105 
  • Pregnancy Resulting from Mistaken Identity or Aggression 109 
  • The Inheritance of People Who Die Together 110 
  • Dhawu al Arham 113 
  • Manner of the Distribution of the Returned 
  • Tarikah , in Full or in Part 121 
  • Dividing the Tarikah 129 

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